John Ross Palmer unveils Havana 2016

A hallmark of John Ross Palmer's career is traveling the world, being inspired by new cultures and then unveiling his inspiration in an original art series at his Historic Houston Heights Art Gallery. This year he traveled to Havana, Cuba.

August 3, 2016 (FPRC) --

On July 29, 2016, Artist John Ross Palmer unveiled his international art series Havana 2016 to much fanfare at his Historic Houston Heights Art Gallery. Guests sipped mojitos, devoured Cuban sandwich bites and crunched on plantain chips while admiring Palmer’s vibrant 11-piece original art series. Prior to the unveiling through private previews by his First Class Club (“FCC”), Palmer had successfully placed 9 of the paintings from the series into private collection.

From June 23-26, Palmer was a guest of the Texas Lyceum ( on a learning adventure to the enigmatic island of Cuba. The Texas Lyceum is the state’s pre-eminent non-profit, non-partisan leadership organization whose mission is to develop the next generation of leaders for our state. Since 1980, the Lyceum has engaged in civil discourse to educate diverse Texans on pressing policy issues facing the state. In addition to touring, dancing and dining, the group of Texas leaders learned from panelists including former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett on both historic context and a potential future relationship with Cuba as a business partner.

“It was fascinating to incorporate learning from such exceptional leaders into my annual international art adventure,” explains Palmer. “Havana 2016 combines powerful imagery of the Cuban people, the Hemingway estate, a cigar factory, the Tropicana and many more iconic symbols to give my collectors a true taste of Havana, Cuba. I am so thrilled and humbled that it has been so well received by my collectors.” The original art series Havana 2016 is complemented by a documentary produced by acclaimed filmmaker Neiman Catley and a first-class catalogue. On July 29th, Palmer honored his First Class Club members by presenting them with gifts of original art, Cuban cigars and champagne flutes with “Havana 2016” he personally etched in the glass. Palmer will determine the destination for his 2017 adventure in January of 2017 after an essay contest by his FCC.

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