Poze Unveiled on Indiegogo - Bad Posture isnít Pretty but Poze has a Solution

Developing the most simple and affordable solution for bad posture, Poze is the most easy-to-use device that solves oneís core posture problem. Using crowdfunding, the company aims to help millions of people around the world to correct posture for good.

October 4, 2016 (FPRC) -- Tallinn, Estonia, October 4, 2016 Ė Poze, also known as the ultimate posture couch, is a wear- able device that teaches your back muscles better posture habits. Poze was unveiled today on Indiegogo (www.indiegogo.com/at/poze) and is aiming to raise funds for mass production with a goal of simplifying posture correction process in highly-effective yet affordable way to anyone.

Let's face it: Bad posture is not pretty. If ignored, it can only get worse and can introduce back or neck problems and other negative effects. In reality, sitting up straight isn't about us. It is about our muscles needing a systematic and repetitive training over time.

Certified technology records and calculates your slouch factor by the angle of your position. If you slouch for 1 minute or longer, Poze will silently buzz, reminding you to straighten back up. Starting with 20 minutes a day, in 3 weeks your back muscles will be well-trained to the point where sitting or standing tall feels and is normal.

The company has tapped into science of muscle memory as a catalyst to change posture. Poze is designed to be discreet, silent and invisible on the outside, allowing you to correct posture without anyone knowing. The user friendly, thumb-sized Poze aims to change the game of posture correction and prove that long lasting results can be achieved in three simple steps:
User attaches device with adhesive hypo-allergenic tape near collar bone, or on their clothes, using provided clip.
User straightens up. A simple press of a button activates device to calculate and record a good posture as a reference point.
Poze then continuously calculates the userís position. If their position changes 15 or more degrees, it will buzz reminding user to straighten up.

'Our lifestyle today revolves around hours of sitting that inevitably affects our posture. We created a simple solution for a common problem that works with your lifestyle,' said Pozeís product manager, Branimir Souc. 'Poze will liberate you from multiple reminders from others and enable you to work on a problem silently, without everyone knowing'.

Foto Fookus OÜ, the company behind Poze is a Tallinn, Estonia based company focusing on developing smart objects and image based technology. The company aims to help the posture correction process, simplifying user experience while not compromising on long-lasting results. Poze uses a technology that has been proven effective and safe to use.
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