Thermalabs Supremaseaís New Releases Giving the Company a Bang for Its Bucks

Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand appears to have hit the jackpot with its new releases.

October 27, 2016 (FPRC) -- Supremasea, one of Thermalabs foremost sub-brands, appears to be doing extremely well in the market with its new releases. Supremasea has introduced at least three premium skincare products into the market over the last few weeks. These include the Lavender organic body scrub exfoliator, the Vanilla Patchouli body scrub exfoliator, and the Shea Body Butter triple moisturizing lotion.

Thermalabs is a leading player in the global cosmetics space. Until recently, the companyís interest and influence had been pegged into the self-tanning niche. But recent efforts have seen the American firm diversify into other spaces, including organic healthcare. Thermalabs has furnished the market with at least 30 different products, the majority of which are tanning lotions and accessories. Considered that the firm was established sometimes in 2013, this is no doubt an incredible milestone. According to information available on leading online forums and Thermalabs-affiliated sites, the companyís obsession with quality has been its biggest strength to date.

Thermalabs is headquartered in the New York, United States, but operates various production facilities in Israel and other parts of the world. The company owns three distinct sub-brands that are largely in charge of its diversification efforts. Thermalabs Supremasea was set up in 2015. Itís responsible for marketing Thermalabs products that are created from Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World, the second sub-brand, is in charge of Thermalabs tents and related products. The pilot Tent World product is the Anti-UV beach shelter, which is one of the most popular tents on The product provides shelter and a hiding place for beach goers, after a long dip in the water. Itís equipped with solid protection from the sunís UV radiation, as well as a comfy bottom thatís kids friendly. Thermalabs has said that more tents are in the pipeline, and will be released into the market soon. Organic Healthcare, Thermalabs third and last sub-brand, in tasked with marketing the companyís healthcare products based on seeds, herbs, and plants extracted from the mountains of Galilee in Israel.

So far, Supremasea has furnished the market with four different products, one of which was released in 2015, and 3 of which were introduced within the last 8 weeks. The first product, Tan Enhancer, is a premium lotion thatís applied after a tan. It helps maintain that radiant glow after a tan, but also protects the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. The Vanilla patchouli and Lavender exfoliators are top quality body scrub aids that are created from a combination of Dead Sea salts, and other ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well known. The Shea Body Butter helps moisturize the skin and remove stretch marks and scars. Itís a unique formulation that works on all skin types, irrelevant of the userís age or gender.

Mr. Alex Howard, a marketing official at Thermalabs, said, ďItís been a good season for the latest Supremasea releases. Over the last 8 weeks, we have seen the Lavender and Vanilla Patchouli exfoliators, as well as the Shea Body Butter, achieve one sales milestone after the other. These products have all achieved an average 5-star rating from all users who have rated them on Amazon, and we are very optimistic that theyíll join the list of our all-time bestsellers.Ē

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