Thermalabs Launches Beach Therapy T-Shirt

Beach accessories maker Thermalabs has launched yet another beach T-Shirt.

November 3, 2016 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a burgeoning producer of beach-related products, has announced a brand new, fancy beach T-Shirt. This comes barely 3 weeks after the company introduced three other T-Shirt products designed for the beach-going audience.

Thermalabs is an emerging cosmetics brand based in New York, US. The company opened its doors in 2013, starting out as a premium provider of self-tanners based on organic and natural ingredients. According to leading industry figures and niche critics, Thermalabs focus on these organic ingredients helped it establish a foothold in the very competitive cosmetics space. The company’s pilot product was a self-tanning lotion known as the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. Created from special ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil, this tanner delivered the desired results within just 4 hours. This was significant considered that most of the competition’s products needed up to 6 hours to deliver a sexy and attractive tan. Thermalabs somehow managed to build on its primary success to build a powerful and reputable brand. Today, the company has furnished the market with at least 30 varying products. It has also established production facilities in multiple parts of the world, with the main production plant being in Galilee, Israel.

Although Thermalabs is seen as a dominant player in the self-tanning space, the company has been making inroads into the beach products industry of late. Earlier this year, Thermalabs head of marketing, Mr. Alex Howard, announced that the company was considering changing its slogan from ‘self tanning reloaded’ to ‘life is a beach’. This came soon after Thermalabs introduced its first ever beach tent, which launched in December 2015. In addition to the tent, the company has now ventured into beach T-shirts, beach chairs, and beach beds.

The new T-Shirt will be available in multiple colors, from blue to yellow, red and gray. It features a leafy image on the front, calibrated by the text label ‘I Need Some Beach Therapy’. The company has said that it used pure cotton to make each piece. Also according to the product’s listing page on, where it’ll be selling, Thermalabs says that each piece is a lightweight, classic fit. The Beach Therapy T-Shirt is also available in various sizes for men, women, and kids.

Thermalabs co-coordinator for product launches and marketing activities, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “Thermalabs is excited to announce its next product dedicated to beachgoers – the Beach Therapy premium T-Shirt. This product is in line with our commitment to creating accessories and products that will help make the beach time much more convenient for our audience. Just like the new T-Shirts that the company introduced a couple of weeks ago, Beach Therapy is 100% cotton and comes across the board as a lightweight, classic fit. The product will be available in multiple colors and sizes, so we do not lock out any user. This product launch just underscores our commitment to be a leading provider of quality wear and other products for the beach-going audience. Our customers can check out this product on our official website,, as well as on”

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