Ehud Segev to Play the Role of Professor Ponzey in New Children’s Book Series

Mentalist Ehud Segev will be starring as a brilliant professor in a new children’s book series.

November 5, 2016 (FPRC) -- Mentalist Ehud Segev, aka ‘The Mentalizer’, will be playing the role of an ingenious professor in a new children book series that his company – Mentalizer Education – is launching. Ehud will use his expansive knowledge in body reading, children’s psychology and mentalism to deliver powerful illustrations that will help shape and educate kids.

Ehud Segev is a world-renowned mentalist of Israeli origin. He was born in the religious Israeli city of Safed back in 1979. Growing up, Mr. Segev spent a significant chunk of his time reading books on mysticism, mind reading, and other cryptic subjects. By the time he was a teenager, his ability to entertain people was generating a whirlwind of attention from local media. Ehud at one time predicted the successful winner in a mayoral election by simply studying photos of the candidates. While most of his fans think of his powers as magic, Ehud is quick to point out that he just taps into innate powers of the human mind. Today, ‘The Mentalizer’ travels the world, entertaining special guests and educating groups of people in cities such as London, New York, Sofia, New Delhi, and many others. He has received massive acclaim from international newspapers and TV stations. Ehud Segev was at one time featured on NBC’s hit show ‘Phenomenon’. He also won the EB-1 classification (permanent U.S residence) as a result of his exemplary work entertaining American soldiers in faraway military bases.

In the upcoming children book series, Ehud Segev will be represented by Professor Ponzey, an eccentric scientist who conducts experiments to solve problems that children face in their life. Professor Ponzey uses clear illustrations and examples to enlighten and entertain kids. Among other things, he emphasizes the importance of positive attributes such as honesty and obedience, while at the same time discrediting negative qualities such as dishonesty. The book is designed to serve as a premium parenting tool.

Mentalizer Education had recently launched a new education platform that will be educating Ehud’s fans around the world on the elusive subject of mentalism. But the new development underscores the fact that the firm is as well committed to children’s education and entertainment.

“Mentalist Ehud Segev will be acting as Professor Ponzey in the new children’s book series that’s been launched by Mentalizer Education. In the recent past, we have launched and education platform for mentalism buffs from around the world. We want to make sure that we do not leave kids out, and this new book series is designed to emphasize positive learning as kids grow up. Ehud Segev has employed his massive understanding of psychology to make this book series impactful. Parents will find it to be an important education and entertainment tool. The first book in the series has already launched on Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. It’s titled ‘Professor Ponzey and the Truth Potion’. Stay tuned to Mentalizer Education for more,” said Hannah Tiram, a PR employee at the company.

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