Ehud Segev Joins List of World’s Top Mentalists

Mentalist Ehud Segev has now joined the scanty list of the world’s top mentalists.

November 10, 2016 (FPRC) -- Ehud Segev, also known as “The Mentalizer”, has joined an exclusive list of the world’s best mentalists. That’s according to, a high-profile website that recognizes the contributions of magicians, mentalists, and mystifiers around the world. Other top professionals who have also appeared alongside Ehud include Uri Geller (mystifier), Marc Helfand (magician and mentalist), The Amazing Kreskin (thought reader), Marc Salem (non-verbal communication), David Blaine (illusionist and endurance artist), and Derren Brown (psychological illusionist). is one among many sites that focus on the world’s leading mentalists. However, this site is unique in that it outlines each mentalist’s work and compares it with the accomplishments of the others. It conducts an intense background study of each candidate, brings out to scrutiny, and subjects it to massive analysis before featuring someone on their who’s who list. focuses on a diverse audience that includes individuals who are conducting research on mentalism, as well as mentalism fanatics. Their annual list is also a great tool for individuals who are looking to hire the best mentalist or magician for a specific event.

Ehud Segev is a globally acclaimed performer and entertainer. Ehud Started studying mentalism when he was still a young boy growing up in Israel. While most of his peers spent their time playing outside, Ehud studied complicated books on subjects such as body language, mind-reading, and mysticism. Mr. Segev at one time predicted the winner in a mayor’s contest, attracting massive coverage from Israel media.

Ever since he was 20 years old, Ehud has traveled the world, entertaining and educating audiences in multiple cities. He has also been featured on various TV stations both locally (in Israel) and internationally. He featured on NBC’s hit show, Phenomenon, which brought together the industry’s top names for a viewer-determined contest. Mr. Segev also won an exclusive contract entertaining United States soldiers stationed in far away basis. He did such a good job on this one that the Department of Homeland Security awarded him an EB-1 classification, open up permanent U.S residence for him. Most of Ehud’s work has been done in cities such as New York, New Delhi, and London, where he enjoys thousands of fans.

In addition to performing incredible feats that border on the supernatural, as well as read minds, Ehud also educates children. Recently, he launched, which is a children’s book series that will focus on instilling good morals. In this series, Ehud will be starring as Professor Ponzey and using his immense understanding of psychology to instill positive values in kids. The first book under the Ponzey serious, “Professor Ponzey and the Truth Potion’, has already been published on Amazon’s Kindle ebook marketplace.

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