Mentalizer Education’s Second Children’s Book in Review

Mentalizer Education has said that its upcoming children book is currently under review, before publication.

November 11, 2016 (FPRC) -- Mentalizer Education has said that its second-ever children’s book is undergoing pre-publication review. This is an important process that books go through before they are made available to the audience. The new book will be the second piece under the company’s Professor Ponzey children’s book series. The company introduced Professor Ponzey last month.

Mentalizer Education’s CEO and founder, Ehud Segev, will be starring as Professor Ponzey in the new children book series. Professor Ponzey comes across the board as an ingenious professor who conducts brilliant experiments to solve various problems facing young children. Mr. Segev, who is a globally acclaimed mentalist and mind reader, will be using his communication skills and immense understanding of psychology to make these books valuable. In addition to performing near-supernatural feats, Ehud Segev also performs and entertains special guests at significant events around the world. In the recent past, he has hosted shows in New York, London, and New Delhi, among many other cities. Mr. Segev was also featured on NBC’s hit show, ‘Phenomenon’, alongside with other world-leading mentalists and illusionists.

The first ever Ponzey Children’s book by Mentalizer Education was launched last month. It’s titled ‘Professor Ponzey and the Truth Potion’. In this book, Professor Ponzey is an honest person who dislikes it when people lie. As a result, he is determined to come up with a test that can tell whether someone is lying or not. The book takes kids one step at a time, using simple language to make sure that the message is passed loud and clear. It also employs clear illustrations, which makes it fun for kids to read. The purpose of this first book is to encourage honesty and discredit negative traits such as dishonesty. Already, Professor Ponzey and the Truth Potion is available to users on Amazon’s Kindle platform, where it’s retailing at a promotion price of $2.99.

Mentalizer Education also introduced, a new domain that will serve as the internet center for the children’s book series. The company will publish useful children’s content on this website, as well as keep fans updated on the upcoming book in the Ponzey series. The company also introduced a new page where it’ll be publishing weekly parenting tips.

The Ponzey series of books is meant to be a valuable parenting tool. The fact that this series is based on a deep understanding of psychology, as well as a familiarity with children’s problems, will probably make it successful in the market.

Hannah Tiram, a PR employee at Mentalizer Education, wrote, “Our second book in the Ponzey series is currently under review, before the final step of publishing. We have received a lot of good reviews about the first Ponzey book, and are planning to continue releasing more books in the next few years. The goal of this second book will be to instill positive values in kids, by helping them solve common problems in brilliant ways. The book should be available to our fans anytime soon, we’ll let you know accordingly.”

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