Surveillance Secure Upgrades Marriott Washington DC Surveillance System for Presidential Inauguration

The presidential inauguration demanded a higher level of security for one of the Marriott hotels in downtown Washington D.C.. Surveillance Secure was awarded the project to upgrade the Marriott analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system to an Internet Protocol (IP) system.

January 22, 2017 (FPRC) --
The presidential inauguration expects to see an increase of up to one million people in the city of Washington, DC this year. One of the Marriott hotels in downtown DC knew it needed to upgrade its security for the heavy inauguration traffic as well as the increased activity of people downtown.

The Marriott in downtown DC decided to upgrade their analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system to an Internet Protocol (IP) system. Surveillance Secure was awarded this project and worked to improve their entire system from analog CCTV to high-definition IP cameras in addition to centrally networking these cameras.

The Benefits of IP Security Systems
Moving from an analog to an IP security system has loads of benefits for hotels like the Marriott. Since the IP system is digital, it only needs a secure network to function rather than unprotected cables. It also instantly improves the video surveillance feed quality as well as storage capacity.

Here are just a few of the benefits of upgrading to an IP security system:

Enhanced video resolution for better viewing and security
Increased security, as all video feed is encrypted before being transferred over a network
Huge amount of storage off-site to reduce risk of damage or theft
Network unlimited cameras; increased scalability for cost effectiveness

By centrally networking all the Marriottís cameras, Surveillance Secure created a central location on-site in order to view the feed of several cameras. Remote access is also available with IP security systems.

How the Upgrade Advanced Marriott Security

With a high-definition video resolution and a safer network, Marriottís new security system canít compete with the outdated analog surveillance.

Surveillance Secure was able to provide the Marriott with an advanced, high resolution surveillance system that makes suspicious activity or unauthorized visitors easy to spot. Taking away the grainy, unreliable footage of a CCTV system and replacing with digital technology makes the picture crisp and clear.

The Marriott in downtown DC is ready for the inauguration with the enhanced security and better features of an IP surveillance system. With vast amounts of storage, remote access, and video encryption, security is improved while staff at the Marriott is better able to do their jobs with an innovative security system.

Surveillance Secure is proud to help the Marriott establish better security not just for the inauguration, but for their guests and staff throughout the year. You can never be too safe with Surveillance Secure!

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