To Launch a Research Program Focused on Tanning Dangers

BestSelfTanner.Org has said that itíll launch a research program to investigate the dangers of tanning.

January 26, 2017 (FPRC) -- BestSelfTanner.Org, a premium cosmetics industry site that usually compares tanners from the leading brands, has launched a new investigative program to establish the dangers of using various tanning methods. This move comes at a time when hundreds of users have said that they suffered from various side effects of tanning. BestSelfTanner.Org has been a leading platform in the self-tanning space for quite a while now.

Traditionally, BestSelfTanner.Org has furnished users in the self-tanning domain with content on the safe use of various cosmetics. Itís estimated that over 3 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the United States alone. Skincare has become an increasingly important concern for a lot of people. Users of various skincare formulations are concerned about their safety and want to find out more about whether they have any long-term side effects. By interviewing major producers, conducting independent research, studying product ingredients and making other efforts, BestSelfTanner.Org has managed to do just fine when it comes to educating users.

LpKapil Yadav, whoís the founder and chief editor at, has said that the new platform seeks to make a difference in the market. The new research program is designed to help establish the dangers associated with various tanning method. There are a number of common tanning methods today, ranging from self-tanning to sunbathing, spray tanning and tanning beds. Usually, sunbathing and tanning beds have been associated with the greatest risk to the skin. The sun emits harmful UV radiation that can over the long-term lead to skin cancer and other serious ailments. In the same ways, tanning beds work on the same premise as sunbathing (UV rays). They have been associated with major skin health mishaps over the last one decade. Most new users do not understand the dangers of using sunbathing and tanning beds that are increasingly common in city salons. Thus, they blindly expose their skin to grave dangers in the name of scoring a sexy tan. will seek to clearly lay out the disadvantages and dangers of using sunbathing and tanning bed as a way to get a tan. The platform has also said that through its new research, program, itíll probe the most popular self-tanning lotions and mousses to find out whether they actually rely on healthy ingredients. Some tanning products have been reported to have chemical ingredients that do more harm rather than good for the skin. Mr. Yadav has said that skincare launches from both major cosmetics manufacturers and upcoming firms will be investigated. It appears that is looking to create some kind of whitelist that users can reference before they jump to the marketplace and purchase a tanning product or accessory. There likely will be a response from some of the companies that will be mentioned adversely in the findings of this research.

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