- Gold (Au) Rewards Crowdfund Capital Raise - Program Offer

Alchemy OTC Markets Specialists, LLc Announcing launch of the Company Gold (Au) "Rewards" Crowdfunding Capital Raise Program for Gold Production Properties in S. or L. America.

February 5, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Gold Rewards Crowdfunding Program Offer is designed for USA domiciled Jr. resource Gold producing mining companies with operations in S. or L. America requiring capital for production expansion and exploration to prove out reserves and develop the property or, companies with previous operations requiring capital to re-instate production.

Rewards Crowdfunding doesn’t involve company equity or debt.

The Rewards Program Platform provides for 2 – Months of pre-launch preparatory work including due diligence, data compilation, corporate & regulatory disclosure compliance, offering documents, Au Reward “Pitch Deck” Offering Presentation completed and posted to the selected SEC/FINRA registered Crowdfunding Portal for presentation to the investment public for funding.

“A well thought out communications and advertising plan will dictate the $ucce$$ of your Crowdfunding Campaign"

To achieve maximum investor awareness, the Rewards Crowdfund Program can be customized with the addition of Social Media Marketing venues with direct targeted Email distribution of the company Au Rewards Crowdfund Offering and news updates to a minimum of 5 million penny and accredited stock investors and scale-able to an audience of 6 Million accredited & 30 Million penny stock investors for 1 week to 1– Month programs to ensure a $ucce$$ful Rewards Crowdfunding capital raise.

“let the backers own the end product, physical Gold”

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JOBS Act 2012 Title II & Title III Crowdfunding

Debt/Equity Offerings
Title III –effectuated May 16th 2016 SEC REG CF to $USD1.0 Million

Title II - effectuated Sept 23rd 2013 SEC REG D (NEW) Rule 506 (c) $USD Unlimited

* Social Media Digital Email Marketing Platform Venues
* Email PR programs
* Up to 6 Million + Accredited Triple Opt-in Accredited Investors
* Up to 30 Million + Double Opt-In Penny Stock Investors

Let Alchemy design and structure a “Going Public” and “Crowdfunding Campaign" Programs to suit your Company's budget.


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