Pro Painters Colorado Springs Announce Their Spring Is Here Letís Get Painting Event

Itís been a long, cold winter and your home has taken a beating. Have a look at the outside of your home. Does it look tired? We can fix this with a fresh coat of paint. Take advantage of our Letís Get Painting Event.

Colorado Springs, Colorado February 10, 2017 Ė Take advantage of our Letís Get Painting Event. Pro Painters Colorado Springs is giving a discount of 15% off any exterior painting services booked before March 31, 2017.

Spring, Summer and Fall are the busiest seasons for painting contractors, so itís a good idea to start planning your house painting job now. Time slots are available now for the spring, so give is a call 719-888-3059 to book your painting job.

Weíve had a great winter indoors, and our guys are just itching to get outside to work. Anyone that has lived in The Springs, knows that thereís something special about that Colorado fresh air. Itís rejuvenating, revitalizing and uplifting. Just how you will feel when we are finished painting your home.

Remember ďHappiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.Ē Dalai Lama and on that note, be sure to create a little happiness by doing some painting and decorating this spring.

About Pro Painters Colorado Springs

Born from the desire to make rooms more beautiful, Pro Painters Colorado Springs is an affordable painting contractor that specializes in both residential and commercial painting services in Colorado Springs. We could go on and on about 'best quality painting' and 'customer satisfaction', 'work with integrity' 'best prices around' and all of the other back patting platitudes but we assume you have read this stuff a hundred times. So we'll just say that we are honest painters who work hard and yes, we do all of the above. Give Julie a call, 719-888-3059 and sheíll be happy to send Tim to your home to give you a free quote.

For more information contact Julie of Pro Painters Colorado Springs  (

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