Thermalabs Reveals the Formulation Behind Its Anti-Nail Fungus

Thermalabs has finally revealed the formulation behind one of their most unique products.

February 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics power brand Thermalabs today revealed the formulation behind one of their top products Ė the Anti Nail Fungus. This comes at a time when the company is trying to demonstrate the superiority of its products as it catches momentum in New Year sales. Previously, the company had just mentioned a few basic ingredients that were used to create this product.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firebrand thatís headquartered in the City of New York, United States. The company started out a little over 3 years ago as an organization that created awareness against skin cancer and other terminal ailments. Thermalabs would soon, with the help of a few venture capitalists, embark on cosmetics production. The companyís first-ever launch was a tanning lotion known as the original self tanner. This was a top quality tanning lotion that delivered a beautiful tan within just 4 hours, while most of the competitionís products took up to 6 hours to show results. After a strategic premarketing run, the firm launched the product on Amazon, managing to sell over 10,000 units in week one. This initial success laid a solid foundation for the new startup, and gave it the brand platform it needed to operate profitably with its subsequent releases. Within its first year in the market, Thermalabs also launched other hit cosmetics products, including the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, and the Glow2Go tanning lotion. To date, the Ultimitt tan applicator is an Amazonís Choice product, while the Glow2Go tanning wipes have been a perennial bestseller.

Thermalabs Anti-Nail Fungus is one among 5 other products that were released over the last 24 months as part of its Organic Healthcare and Supremasea sub-brands. Other products include Tan Enhancer, Vanilla Patchouli body exfoliator, and lavender exfoliator. Each of these products has been created from a combination of special Dead Sea salts and conventional ingredients (such as Olive Oil) whose benefits for the skin are well comprehended. Research suggests that Dead Sea mineral salts have ample benefits not just for the skin but also for other organs in the body. Perhaps due to the unique nature of their ingredients, Thermalabs has had massive running success with their Supremasea products. Tan Enhancer, the first-ever product in this lineup, was created to be a moisturizing lotion that maintain that perfect glow after a tan. In addition to being a top seller on major online retail marketplaces, the product has attracted positive reviews and acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Priscilla Rodgers, brand manager in charge of Organic Healthcare, said, ďThere have been a lot of questions regarding what precise ingredients we employed in our Anti Nail Fungus. Of course, itís been obvious that this product is based on Dead Sea mineral salts. But a lot of our fans, skincare products reviews and other interested parties have wanted to know what precise ingredients were used to make this product what it is. Iíd like to point out that Anti Nail Fungus is a 100% bio-organic formulation that includes Rue, Dead Sea Salts, Tea Tree, Oregano and Seaweed. We found a way to blend all these ingredients to create a top formulation that could give nail fungus a natural and lasting death.Ē

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