Organic Healthcare to Work with European Distributors

Organic Healthcare products will soon be available in European supermarkets and local stores.

February 22, 2017 (FPRC) -- Organic Healthcare, an emerging healthcare brand that manufactures 100% bio-organic products, has said that it’s seeking new distribution partners in Europe. This comes barely a week after the company said that it had appointed Market Group as the sole distributor of its products in Northern America. The new move appears to be in line with the company’s 2017 market growth strategy. In the past, Organic Healthcare has marketed and sold most of its releases in major online marketplaces such as However, the company appears determined to tap into the significant percentage of users who still do not shop online.

Organic Healthcare was established early last year. It’s owned by Thermalabs, one of the most prominent manufacturers of cosmetics and beach-related products today. Tent World is headquartered in Galilee, Israel, where a team of skilled artisans hand-make organic health products using natural herbs, seeds, and plants acquired from the surrounding mountains. According to Priscilla Rodgers, the brand manager in charge of Organic Healthcare, the company has a unique perspective on healthcare.

While most existing manufacturers of health care products rely on modern science and research, Organic Healthcare relies on ancient wisdom in healthcare. It’s an obvious fact that outside of diseases, human ancestors were much healthier, and enjoyed more vigor and energy. By working to unearth some of the most profound ancient health tips, Organic Healthcare is looking to deliver highly beneficial products to its audience. The company relies on the works of the Rambam, and other pre-eminent Jewish scholars.

Currently, Organic Healthcare has furnished the market with 3 different releases, some of which are performing incredibly well in the market. The company’s first product, Jerusalem Balsam spray, was a major hit. The second release was the Aragan Miracle Oil, which offers multiple health care benefits not only for the skin but for many other organs in the body. Anti-Nail Fungus, the third and last release from Organic Healthcare, combines Dead Sea salts with conventional ingredients whose skincare benefits are well-known.

The move to increase its market presence in Europe will probably boost the company’s prospects. Thermalabs, Organic Healthcare’s parent company, has said that it makes most of its revenue from the European market, followed by the US.

“The entire Organic Healthcare team is glad that we have impressed our audience with the 3 existing products we have created so far. As we work to unleash more formulations, we are also looking for distribution partners who can help take our products to European supermarket shelves. Last week we did the same for the US market and are already realizing increased awareness on our products. The company has sent out invitations to selected distribution partners and opened the door for talks with new firms. Stay tuned to Organic Healthcare for more…”

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