Thermalabs Standard Self Tanner Available in Germany

Thermalabs standard self-tanner is now available in the Germany market

March 24, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Organic Self Tan lotion by Thermalabs is now available in Germany. This is a 140 ml premium tanning lotion that’s often referred to as a Thermalabs signature tanner. The move to launch this lotion in Germany comes at a time when to company is taking major stripes to expand its global market. Over the last few weeks, Thermalabs has launched at least half a dozen products in different European markets, from the UK to Italy and France.

Thermalabs is a premier manufacturer of cosmetics products. The company is headquartered in New York City but operates a number of production centers in Galilee (Israel) and other locations around the world. Thermalabs managed to establish a foothold in the competitive cosmetics market back in 2013 after the firm released its first ever product – the original self-tanner. Created from highly organic ingredients, this product was a major hit. It managed to sell thousands of units in week one and attracted a lot of new-brand coverage from the media and authority industry blogs.

Today, Thermalabs has furnished the global market with nearly three dozen different products. Most of these are tanning lotions and tanning accessories. However, the firm has also ventured into the beach convenience market, producing multiple products such as beach t-shirts, beach tents, and beach chairs. Thermalabs also manufactures skin care products based on Dead Sea salts, and organic healthcare products from naturally occurring herbs and seeds.

Thermalabs standard self-tanner is a 140 ml lotion that delivers a bronzed tan within 4 minutes. Industry insiders have often said that Thermalabs focus on organic ingredients is what has made this and other similar products popular. The company has also said that its standard self-tanner delivers a beautiful tan within 4 hours. This is notable given that most tanners deliver after about 6 hours.

Now that this product is available in yet another European market, the company is likely to see a revenue boost that will further help its market expansion activities. Alex Howard, a senior marketing manager at the company, said, “One of our most unique products, the standard self-tanning lotion, is from today available in the German market. Our customers within Germany will be able to acquire this product, either from our presence, or from certain local supermarkets and beauty stores. The standard self-tanner is a great product that delivers a fantastic tan within just 4 hours. It is based on natural and organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Olive oil, which means it also nourishes the skin. Soon, we’ll be making more of our products available in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and other promising markets. Keep it Thermalabs for a healthy, beautiful skin…”

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