Ultimitt Tan Applicator Mitt Launches in Germany

The Ultimitt tan applicator has launched in Germany

March 24, 2017 (FPRC) -- Ultimitt, a popular tan applicator mitt created by Thermalabs, has now launched in the German market. The ultimitt is a versatile tan applicator that works with all liquid-based cosmetics such as moisturizers, sunscreens, and even tanners from all brands. This announcement comes shortly after Thermalabs announced that it’d also be introduced a few of its more popular tanners in the German and other European markets.

Thermalabs is a major manufacturer of cosmetics products based in the United States. Operating out of New York City, the company was launched back in 2013. Thermalabs has furnished the beauty market with nearly 36 launches in a time-span of three years and has been named among the fastest growing brands in the global cosmetics space. Although Thermalabs is still a single entity, the company has created distinct divisions within itself that are responsible for producing, marketing and distributing different products. Thermalabs announced its Supremasea division in 2015. This is a sub-brand that manufactures top-notch skincare releases by using Dead Sea salts as the core ingredient. Another similar sub-brand is Tent World, which creates and prospects a variety of outdoor shelters. More recently, Thermalabs announced Organic Healthcare, a new sub-brand that it says will manufacture healthcare products based on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom acquired from the writings of the Rambam (a pre-eminent Jewish physician and scholar who lived more than 1000 years ago).

After the Original Self Tanner, the Ultimitt was the second-ever product released by Thermalabs. It was designed to serve as a better, bigger and longer-lasting tan applicator than all other similar products in the market. Among other qualities, this product didn’t mess up the hands when applying a tanner, and also contributed to an even, smooth application. According to Thermalabs, the Ultimitt works with lotions and tanners from all brands.

Now that this product is available in Germany, the company has a new revenue stream, as well as a new opportunity to boost its global army of loyal customers. Alex Howard, a senior marketer at the company, said, “The entire Thermalabs team is glad to announce that our popular Ultimitt tan applicator mitt is now available in Germany. The Ultimitt is the tanning mitt of choice and has been ranked as Amazon Choice. This mitt has also been a perennial bestseller on our website as well as other online retailing platforms. Since this mitt works with all tanners and lotion brands, our customers in Germany now have a chance to apply their cosmetics easier and better. Although the product is currently available in the Amazon German language site, we are making efforts to have it available in popular local stores.”

For more information contact Francois Melone of Thermalabs  (http://www.thermalabs.com/)

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