Tent World’s Pluto Yellow Hits the Market

Tent World has launched yet a new product, the Pluto Yellow tent

March 28, 2017 (FPRC) -- Tent World has introduced its latest product, the Pluto Yellow tent. This is an outdoor shelter that’s designed to house kids while at the beach, and in other outdoor locations such as the lawn, public park, picnic spot, etc. The new tent comes at a time when the company is engaged in a massive market expansion drive. Over the last 6 months, Tent World has launched at least 9 new tents.

Tent World has been ranked as one of the fastest growing startups in the beach convenience space. The company started out just two years ago when it hit the market by introducing a new beach tent known as Mercury. The Mercury tent was designed to last long and protected its occupants from the sun’s UV radiation. In a market where products compete based on value delivered to users, Mercury also had other unique properties include a side pocket for added stability, and extra soft bottom built for kids, and an easy pop-up operation. The tent was a major hit in the market, setting the success platform that the young brand needed to skyrocket to new levels with its subsequent releases.

To date, the firm has furnished the global market with over a dozen different products, all of which are named after planets in the solar system. The largest tent in the Tent World lineup is called the Sun. It’s a massive canopy-shaped outdoor shelter that can house up to 12 people, meaning it can be used by an entire family or group of people. Other tents include Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, and Pluto. Pluto tents, which are available in different colors and designs, are the smallest in size. In fact, Pluto tents are so small that they are built for use by children and toddlers.

Before the Pluto Yellow tent, the company had managed to launch Pluto Green park, Pluto Blue, and Pluto Purple outdoor shelters for kids. The new Pluto Yellow tent is available in a bright yellow color. According to Ann Spencer, a senior brand manager at Tent World, the tent is built to shelter kids from elements of bad weather while they are outdoors. The tent can be used at the beach, but also in other outdoor settings such as the garden. Each tent features an instant pop-up mechanism so that users can set it up or fold it down within seconds. Also, according to Tent World, the new tent will ship with a coloring guide to keep kids occupied.

Like most other of its products, the company is launching Pluto Yellow on Amazon.com. The product will also be available via its official website.

For more information contact Abrams McCoy of Tent World  (http://tent.world)

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