Thermalabs Working on More Beach Convenience Products

Thermalabs has said it’s expanding its beach-convenience portfolio.

April 4, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics manufacturer, said that they are working on expanding their beach-convenience portfolio. Thermalabs has so far launched at least a dozen products meant for beach-goers, including beach t-shirts, beach tents, beach chairs and more. Apparently, the company is looking to increase its stake in the beach-going market, as it also works to solidify its cosmetics business.

Based in New York City, Thermalabs is among the most popular makers of self-tanners and tanning accessories. The company’s range of tanners are designed from 100% organic and natural ingredients, including the likes of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. This focus on organic ingredients is indeed what has made the company’s products popular with users. Thermalabs pilot product, the Original Self Tanner, was a major hit. The product managed to sell over 10,000 units in just week one, and created the brand prominence that the new firm needed to make it in a very competitive market.

Today, Thermalabs has furnished the market with over three dozen different products, a significant chunk of which are tanning-related. The company has also established various sub-brands to take charge of its operations in different niches. Supremasea is in charge of Thermalabs skincare products, mostly those created from Dead Sea Salts. Tent World, on the other hand, is a division of Thermalabs that manufacturers beach tents. On the other hand, Organic Healthcare is Thermalabs latest sub-brand that’s in charge of creating top-notch organic health products.

The move by the company to make more beach-convenience products points to the growth of this market. Thermalabs first beach-convenience products was the Mercury beach tent, launched back in 2015. According to the company, this tent proved to be a major launch, earning thousands of sales in the first month, and triggering hundreds of requests for similar beach-convenience products by the firm’s users. This evident demand, according to Alex Howard (Thermalabs marketing coordinator) is precisely why the company decided to focus more on beach T-shirts, beach chairs, outdoor tents and other products that make life at the beach bliss.

“Thermalabs will in the coming weeks launch more beach convenience products, as we work on a plan to provide more quality in this space. Our first launch in the beach industry was the Mercury beach tent, which went incredibly well. Over time, we have also introduced outdoor beach tents, beach t-Shirts, and fancy beach chairs. We are always looking for better ways to service our beach-going audience. In fact, our company is also working on changing our slogan from ‘self-tanning reloaded’ to ‘life’s a beach’. At this time, we haven’t revealed the names of our upcoming releases, but we’ll certainly do in the next few days or weeks,” said Alex Howard.

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