Thermalabs Organic Shea Butter Launches in France

Thermalabs Organic Shea Butter is now available to consumers in France

April 14, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs today said that one of its most successful launches, the Organic Shea Butter, is available to customers in France. This move comes as the New York firm seeks to solidify its grasp on the European cosmetics market. Thermalabs recently introduced its Original Self Tanner, and the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and some few other European nations.

Thermalabs is a premier manufacturer of cosmetics products based in New York. The company started out a few years ago, manufacturing organic tanning lotions that sold like hotcakes in the market. Within its first few months in the overly competitive cosmetics scene, Thermalabs launched a range of tanning lotions that were based on natural and organic ingredients such as Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. The products delivered a beautiful tan within 4 hours, which was a big deal considered that most other available tanners needed up to 6 hours to show results.

Since 2015, Thermalabs has dramatically increased its product portfolio. The company launched three crucial sub-brands that will handle various operations types of products. Supremasea, for instance, is the division that is in charge of Thermalabs skincare products that are manufactured using Dead Sea salts. Tent World is in charge of the firm’s range of outdoor tents, while Organic Healthcare takes control of Thermalabs burgeoning inventory of organic health care products.

Thus far, Thermalabs has released over 40 different products, from tanning lotions to beach tents and health ointments. Indeed, the company appears to have a very ambitious diversification agenda that spans multiple industries and markets.

Thermalabs Organic Shea Butter is a triple moisture lotion that can heal common skin conditions such as wrinkles and dry skin. The product features a combination of Shea Butter and Dead Seal Salts that have healing properties. Thermalabs has said that its New Shea Butter lotion is the ideal way to maintain optimum skin health without spending a fortune while at it. The company also said that Shea Body Butter works for all skin types, and is totally safe for all users.

While announcing the product’s launch in the French market, Thermalabs top marketing coordinator Alex Howard said, “We are very excited to introduce one of our premier products, the Organic Shea Butter, in the French market. This now means that all our customers in France will be able to order the top skincare health product online and have it delivered to their doorstep. We are also working with a few of the leading local retailers and beauty shops to see if they can shelve our product. Thermalabs is working on making its products available to many more customers across the globe…”

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