Thermalabs Ultimitt Available via Echo Home Assistant

The Ultimitt can now be ordered available via Amazon Echo assistant

April 14, 2017 (FPRC) -- Ultimitt, one of the most popular applicator mitt for tanners and lotions in the market, is now available via Amazon Echo. This is after global e-tailing marketplace awarded the product ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status, recognizing it as a top release that the company is confident enough to recommend to its shoppers on the Echo. This move will most likely boost the popularity of Ultimitt amongst consumers, as well as increase sales for Thermalabs.

Amazon Echo is a digital home assistant that is designed to receive voice input (commands) and perform actions. For instance, users can instruct this smart home assistant to play music from Amazon Music, TuneIn, Spotify or whatever other music services they have subscribed to. The device is equipped with an innovative audio system that radiates 360 degrees’ omnidirectional audio. Amazon Echo can also answer questions, control smart home accessories such as Philip Hue, and order products on Amazon.

When the user requests Echo to order a certain product Amazon, the device checks their purchase history to see whether they have every bought the same product again. If so, the device orders from the brand that the consumer choose last time round. However, if the item is not available in the order history, Echo will choose the brand that’s currently highlighted as Amazon’s Choice. For instance, consumers who are looking to buy a tanning mitt for the last time will have Thermalabs Ultimitt recommended to them.

The Ultimitt was launched by Thermalabs back in 2014. It was the company’s second ever release. According to Thermalabs, the decision to produce Ultimitt was inspired by a research study revealing that consumers were dissatisfied with most tanning mitts available in the market. Thermalabs designed the Ultimitt as a bigger, better and longer-lasting mitt compared to all others that were available back then. The product was also built in such a way that it could work with tanners and lotions from all brands. These factors, among many others, have perhaps contributed make the product a perennial bestseller not only on Amazon but also on other leading e-commerce marketplaces.

Thermalabs marketing coordinator, a Mr. Alex Howard, said, “The Ultimitt, one of our top releases in the three years that we have been in the market, is now an Amazon’s Choice product. This is just one of many accolades that the Ultimitt has scored in recent times. Users of the Amazon Echo home assistant will be able to simply ask for a tanning mitt and get the Ultimitt recommended as the number one choice. With a simple voice command, they could make the order and have the Ultimitt delivered to their doorstep. Hopefully, more Thermalabs products will be available through Echo soon. We are always working on enhancing our brand quality, and providing unparalleled products…”

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