Tent World’s Mars Tent Available in the UK

Tent World’s new Mars beach tent is now available in the UK

April 19, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Mars Beach Tent from Tent World is now available in the UK. Mars is a classic outdoor tent that provides excellent shelter from the sun, rain, and wind. The UK launch comes at a time when the firm is working to revamp its market presence in Europe. Over the last few weeks, Tent World has launched a significant number of its products in Germany, France, the UK, and many other European markets.

Tent World is an emerging firm that manufacturers top-quality outdoor tents. It is owned by Thermalabs, one of the world’s largest makers of cosmetics products. Tent World launched sometimes in 2015, releasing their first-ever tent that was known as Mercury. This was a classic beach tent that featured a protective coating to keep away the sun’s UV radiation, and an extra-comfort bottom meant for kids. Mercury tent also had side pockets that could be filled with sand for extra stability, and an instant pop-up mechanism that made it super easy to use.

The Mars beach tent is built in the shape of a canopy shade and is meant for use at the beach, and other outdoor locations such as the garden, picnic site, backyard, front yard, and camping location. The tent can also be used in sports and provides a better shade than any umbrella. Tent World has said that its Mars beach tent is a must-have for families who are looking to shelter their little ones while they play in the family garden, or adults looking to go for a road trip. The tent features a 30 SPF coating to keep away the sun’s harmful UV radiation. It measures 270 x 120 x 120 cm, which is small enough to house an entire family at the beach or any other outdoor location.

In addition to Mars, Tent World has launched at least 11 other tents. Each of these is named after a planet in the solar system. The largest tent in the collection is called the Sun, especially because the sun is also the biggest body in the solar system. Other tents include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Pluto tents are the smallest in the line-up and are meant for use by children. Tent World has launched a total of 4 variants of the Pluto tent.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager in charge at Tent World, said, “We are happy to announce that one of our newest tents, the Mars beach tent, is now available in the UK. It’s been a long wait for our European audience, but we’re working extra hard to make sure that our entire inventory is available out here. Our customers within the United Kingdom can get the Mars beach tent and a few other of our outdoor shelters online via Amazon.co.uk”

For more information contact Belia Tiram of Tent World  (http://tent.tips)

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