Thermalabs Glow2Go is Back in the UK Market

Thermalabs has re-introduced the Glow2Go in the UK market

April 20, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs today reintroduced one of its most popular products, the Glow2Go tanning towelettes, back in the UK market. This comes after a prolonged absence as the company struggled to produce enough units to fulfill global demand. The Glow2Go was the second ever product released by Thermalabs and has been a perennial bestseller on The move to re-stock this product will perhaps be good news for the company’s customers in the UK.

Thermalabs is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics such as self-tanners, bath and body products, and airbrushing accessories. The company is headquartered in New York City but operates a number of production facilities in other countries around the world. Thermalabs has thus far furnished the global market with more than 33 different releases. Most of the company’s products are tanners and tanning accessories such as the original self-tanner, the Gold Standard tanner, and the Ultimitt. However, Thermalabs has in recent times been diversifying to other market areas.

Thermalabs introduced Supremasea in 2016. This is an independent sub-brand that takes charge of the company’s skincare products that are created from Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World, the second sub-brand launched by Thermalabs, is in charge of the company’s expanding range of outdoor tents and beach shelters. Like Supremasea, Tent World is also headquartered in New York. The third and final sub-brand launched by Thermalabs is Organic Healthcare. Based in Israel’s Galilee district, Organic Healthcare manufactures health products based on 100% organic ingredients. The firm relies on over 1000 years of healthcare wisdom sourced from a pre-eminent Jewish physician who was known as the Rambam.

Thermalabs Glow2Go was launched back in 2013, barely months after the company introduced its debut product - The Original Self Tanner. Glow2Go is a pack of 20 disposable wipes that tanning buffs can use to accomplish a beautiful tan on the go. Thermalabs has marketed Glow2Go as a premium pack that’s double the quantity but half the price of the competition. Glow2Go is packaged in a special box that has a ‘Press to Open’ area allowing users to dissipate one towelette at a time without having to open the entire box.

In addition to the Original Self Tanner and the Ultimitt, Glow2Go has been one of Thermalabs top-grossing products.

“We are glad to reintroduce one of our top products, the Glow2Go tanning towelettes, back in the UK market. The product has been unavailable on the market for quite a while, and a lot of our users have been contacting us to protest. Facing unanticipated demand situations, we had a hard time increasing our production capacity so that we could fulfill the needs of all our markets. But we have managed to install a new production center in Israel that’ll help us keep up with demand in the future. From now on, our UK customers can obtain the Glow2Go tanning towelettes via Amazon UK,” said Alex Howard, Thermalabs top marketing coordinator.

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