Launched, a new site that will house Thermalabs products, has launched

April 20, 2017 (FPRC) --, the new domain that will house all of Thermalabs products, has today launched. This comes at such a time when the company is looking to boost its online presence. Over the last few years, the New York company has announced dozens of new releases, introduced niche-specific sub-brands, and expanded into areas outside its traditional American market.

Thermalabs is a U.S-based firm that’s dedicated to creating natural and organic skincare products. The company has so far created dozens of self-tanners, moisturizing lotions, and other cosmetic products. The company emphasizes the use of natural and organic ingredients while creating its products, to make sure that it comes up with formulations that promote rather than erode health. The company started out back in 2013 when they introduced their pilot product, the original self-tanner. Created from unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive oil among many others, this product was a major hit in the market. It managed to sell thousands of units and created the brand exposure that the new firm needed to make it in a highly competitive cosmetics market.

Although most of Thermalabs products are self-tanners such as its Original Self Tanner, Glow2Go, and the Travel Sized tanner, the firm also manufactures many other products in various niches. Thermalabs in 2015, introduced Supremasea, a new sub-brand that will focus on skin care formulations based on Dead Sea salts and minerals are the core ingredients. Thermalabs also owns Tent World, its sub-brand that’s in charge of at least a dozen top-quality outdoor shelters. The last sub-brand that’s owned by Thermalabs is Organic Healthcare. This is a semi-independent entity that creates health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients sourced from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. Ann Spencer, Organic Healthcare’s brand manager, has said that her company relies on over 1000 years of healthcare wisdom from the Rambam.

Traditionally, Thermalabs has been selling its wares via major shopping websites such as, as well as via its main website, Moving forward though, the company will move its listings from and take them to the new site – However, the firm said that its presence on e-commerce shopping outlets such as Amazon would remain. will solely serve the purpose of hosting information about the company, its products, and sub-brands it owns.

Alex Howard, a lead marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “Our company has done some web restructuring meant to make our operations smoother. From this day on, we have introduced, the new site that will host all our products and collections. We will also have our products available via and other third-party e-commerce stores where we’ve been selling them. Customers can now check out for top deals on Thermalabs tanners, accessories and other wares…”

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