Tent World’s Pluto Pink Launches in the UK

The Pluto Pink beach tent is now available in the UK.

April 25, 2017 (FPRC) -- Tent World has launched one of its most recent products, the Pluto Pink beach tent, in the UK market. The Pluto Pink is a stylish outdoor tent that’s meant for use by children and toddlers. It puts at 4 the number of tents that the company has launched in the UK so far this year. Apparently, Tent World is looking to increase its market presence around the world, introducing a significant number of its most popular products in the UK and other countries within and outside the European Union.

Tent World is an emerging brand that produces outdoor tents for use at the beach, at the garden, and in any other outdoor spots. The company launched back in 2015 when they introduced their pilot product, The Mercury Instant Popup tent. This tent was named after the first planet in the solar system, with the second part of its name reflecting one of its most distinctive features – an instant pop-up assembly that makes it easy to set up or fold down after use. The tent also had a protective coating to shield its users from the sun’s harmful radiation, a kids-friendly, comfortable bottom, and side pockets that could be filled with sand to increase stability in windy environments. According to company insiders, the massive success that this product yielded in the market motivated Tent World to manufacture more similar products.

All of Tent World’s subsequent tents are named after planets in the solar system. The company’s largest tent is The Sun, and the smallest one is named Pluto. The Sun tent is indeed so big that it can shelter up to a dozen people in any outdoor environment. On the other hand, the Pluto tent (there are a few variations available) are so tiny that they can only shelter children or toddlers.

Tent World’s Pluto Pink tent is designed for use by small children at the beach. It is themed in a classic pink color and is an ideal pick for children who love this color. According to Tent World, the tent can come in handy at the garden, public park, or picnic site. It features an instant pop-up mechanism that allows users to set it up or fold it down in a matter of seconds. The tent also boasts a stylish design, and ships with a coloring book to keep kids busy while inside this shelter.

Tent World’s brand manager, Ann Spencer, has said that her company’s UK customers can now order this product online via Amazon UK. Ms. Spencer also said that the company is working to make sure that all its other tent products are available in the UK market before the third quarter of the year.

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