Thermalabs Glow2Go Now Back in the Market

Thermalabs has said that its Glow2Go self-tanning towelettes are now available on the market.

April 26, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a premier manufacturer of self-tanners and tanning accessories, has reintroduced one of its most popular products in the market. After a long absence, the company has now returned the Glow2Go tanning towelettes on its shopping-dedicated website,, as well as on online retail marketplaces such as This move will probably boost sales by the company this year, as it looks to increase its market dominance and grow its brand in all segments of the cosmetics market.

Thermalabs is arguably one of the largest producers of self-tanning lotions and general cosmetics in the market today. The company opened its doors in 2013, introducing a self-tanning lotion that made it a household brand in the self-tanning niche. Going by the name Gold Standard Tanner, Thermalabs pilot launch was a major hit. The product featured organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Olive Oil and delivered a beautiful bronzed tan within just four hours. At the time, this was a new performance record given that most other tanning lotions available in the market needed up to 6 hours to show any results. Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner managed to sell thousands of units in week one and helped generate the industry attention that the new company later used to pitch its subsequent releases.

Today, Thermalabs has furnished the market with no less than three dozen formulations, the majority of which are tanners and tanning lotions. Of late, the company has also diversified other market areas, in a move that has been seen as an attempt to ensure long-term survival. Through its Tent World sub-brand, Thermalabs now manufactures beach tents, beach chairs, beach beds and beach T-Shirts. The firmís Supremasea division is in charge of a new crop of skincare products that are based on Dead Sea minerals, while its more recent Organic Healthcare division creates 100% bio-organic health products.

Glow2Go was Thermalabs second-ever product. This is a pack of 20 disposable wipes that was marketed as being double the count but half the price of the competition. Due to peak high demand, Thermalabs has often been unable to fulfill the needs of the market, with the product being on and off stock. According to Thermalabs, Glow2Go is a great choice for people who constantly travel or anyone whoís looking to achieve that perfect bronzed beach goddess tan look anywhere on the go.

The re-introduction of a classic in the market will probably boost sales by the company, but a lot of users are still apprehensive that Glow2Go might disappear again. This could lead to a flash shopping situation where a single customer orders multiple units at once. But Thermalabs has assured its users that itís tripled production capacity to keep the supply in line with demand.

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