Tent World Launches the Sun Beach Tent in France

Tent World has now introduced one of its top products, the Sun tent, in the French market

May 6, 2017 (FPRC) -- Tent World’s Sun tent is now available in France, thanks to the company’s market expansion efforts. Over the last few months, the firm has been working extra hard to make sure that its most popular outdoor tents are available in France, the UK, Germany, and other locations outside its traditional US market base. The Sun tent is a canopy-shaped, extra-large outdoor tent that can shelter a group of up to 12 people. The tent is primarily designed for use by families who love to spend time at the beach.

Tent World is the world’s leading maker of outdoor tents. Despite being a young firm that started out just two years ago, Tent World has managed to establish a market foothold for its products. The company currently sells hundreds of thousands of units on a global basis. The first outdoor tent launched by Tent World, known as the Mercury outdoor tent, was a major hit in the market. This was a special-purpose outdoor tent that was built for beach-goers. It had an extra coating that sheltered occupants from the sun’s harmful UV radiation, and an extra comfortable bottom for kids. The tent was just large enough to accommodate a small family but featured an instant pop-up mechanism and other features that made it a top preference for beach-goers. The success that this product raked in the market has played a great role towards making Tent World the company it is today.

Since the Mercury outdoor tent, Tent World has introduced at least a dozen other similar products. Each of the company’s tents is named after a planet in the solar system. The Sun is the largest tent in the lineup and is named as such because the sun is also the largest body in the solar system. On the other end, Pluto is the smallest tent. Other tents in between are named as planets based on their comparative size, they include Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

In addition to the beach, Tent World’s Sun tent can also come in handy in any other outdoor location, including at a private garden, camping location, fishing spot, and public park. The tent features a protective coating to keep off the sun’s UV radiation and features an instant pop-up assembly that makes it super easy to open. Tent World has said that this tent ships with a free carry bag for travel convenience, and that its ideal for a group of beach-going friends, or a family that’s looking to pitch camp at the beach.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager in charge at Tent World, has said that the company’s customers in France can acquire this product via Amazon France website. Orders made via Thermalabs.biz, the company’s exclusive e-commerce outlet, will also be serviced.

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