Developer Insights from Updates to txtNationís Desktop SMS SMPP App

txtNation, a tier-one aggregator and award-winning provider of Mobile Billing and SMS Messaging services, have recently updated their Bulk SMS SMPP Desktop application to include a developer debug option.

May 18, 2017 (FPRC) --
Broadcast Bulk SMS directly from your desktop using txtNation's Desktop SMS tool
The app, which enables users to quickly send batches, and equally well to just send single SMS messages, from their desktop PC, now has guided debugging to assist developers with their SMPP API connection to txtNation's SMPP SMS platform.

SMPP is a computer protocol that is normally reserved for complex server architecture and top end developers as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the language and transmission protocols. The high level of knowledge and understanding required to run SMPP is removed via this tool and allows clients to get integrated and test their SMPP deployments before embarking on the sometimes arduous task of integrating with their own server infrastructure or to create the advanced sending infrastructure from their desktop.

The app removes the complexities for clients to be able to transmit large scale messaging quickly and easily whilst enjoying the speed, reliability, and high output with low overhead benefits of SMPP. The debug tool provides developers with a unique insight into seeing how the SMPP protocol is transmitting, allowing direct comparison with server deployments to fine tune speed, throughput and reliability.

txtNation managing director, Jon Rowsell, commented "Whilst there are other desktop SMS applications on the market they tend to run through slower protocols and generally would require a much higher specification machine to run at the kind of volume that txtNation's application can handle, whilst showing the packet output so developers can see the optimum way to integrate via the API. The app connects via SMPP directly to txtNation's SMSC platform which is benchmarked to handle up to 2000 messages/lookups per second supported by multiple tier-one direct upstream connections."

txtNation are currently offering test credits just by registering an account at and the Desktop SMPP application is available to download via

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