Bestselling Author Ehud Segev to Perform in New York

Mentalist Ehud Segev is scheduled for a string of performances in New York City in the next few months

June 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Ehud Segev, a bestselling author and one of the world’s most famous mentalists, is expected to perform in a number of events in New York City over the next few weeks and months. Mr. Segev is popularly referred to as The Mentalizer, a name that’s basically derived from “The Mental Analyzer”. Mr. Segev usually entertains guests and attendants in high profile corporate and personal events around the world.

Three weeks ago, Ehud Segev entertained dozens of reservation-only guests at the rooftop of 433 Broadway in New York, in an event that received rave reviews from guests. Among other things, Mr. Segev demonstrated his incredible mental feats. Over the years, The Mentalizer has been known to read minds, send credit cards flying without even touching them, and even bend spoons with his mind. Many of his fans and critics have referred to his abilities as magic, but Ehud has always insisted that all he does is tap into the hidden powers of the human mind.

Ehud Segev was born in the Israeli city of Safed back in 1979. As a young boy, he grew up reading books on mind-reading, mentalism and other cryptic topics at the local library. By the time he was a teenager, Segev was already being featured on major Television networks in his home country of Israel. At 19 years old, Ehud Segev correctly predicted the winner in a mayoral election by simply studying the face photos of the contestants. He has since then traveled the world and appeared on dozens of national and international TV shows. At one time, he was featured on NBC’s hit show – Phenomenon. Mr. Segev was also awarded the EB-1 classification by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for his work entertaining American service members in remote military basis.

In addition to being an events performer of global repute, Mr. Segev is also the bestselling author of two books: Secrets of the Voice, and the 9 Steps to Influence. The first book, Secrets of the Voice, offers incredible insights into how people can decode meaning by paying more attention to variations of the voice. 9 Steps to Influence, on the other hand, is a useful guide for readers who are looking to understand the field of mentalism. Both books are available on Amazon Kindle.

Hannah Tiram, brand manager at Ehud’s Mentalizer Education ( says that the mentalist will perform in a number of locations within New York City in the coming few days. Ms. Tiram says that after the Broadway event, there’s been a lot of interest in the Mentalizer’s services within and outside New York. Her organization will release specific details on each of these events in due time.

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