New List at Ranks Best Mentalists has recently ranked the 7 best mentalists in the world today.

June 17, 2017 (FPRC) --, a site that publishes information on mentalism, magic, mind reading and other extraordinary feats, has published its most recent list yet of the world’s top mentalism talent. This list ranked Derren Brown, David Blaine, Ehud Segev, Marc Salem, The Amazing Kreskin, Uri Geller, and Marc Helfand as the top mentalists in the world today – in that order. Most of the people who’ve been highlighted in this list are already household names in the industry.

Derren Brown, dubbed a ‘psychological illusionist’ by mainstream media, is a performer who’s mastered the art of combining magic, logic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to awe his audience. Derren Brown has performed in hundreds of events around the world, and his work has been featured on TV. Mr. Derren has also debunked the paranormal, and encourages people to invest more time to develop their own innate mental abilities.

David Blaine, who was ranked as number 2 on the most recent 2017 list by, is an American illusionist and renowned endurance artist. Mr. Blaine is known for his high-profile endurance feats, and has cultivated a reputation as a street performer to reckon with. He’s also a close-up magic specialist who has broken various world records. According to The New York Times, Mr. Blaine is a modern-day Houdini.

Ranked at position 3, Ehud Segev is arguably the most thrilling mentalist of our time. Mr. Segev combines the past and the present to deliver fantastic performances. He has denied that he is a magician, and says that he only capitalizes on the innate powers of the human mind. Mr. Segev is known as a specialist in body-language, mind reading, and communication. He’s travelled the world and entertained high-profile guests and corporate groups on hundreds of occasions. Mr. Segev has also been covered by innumerable TV networks, and was featured on NBC’s hit show ‘phenomenon’.

Marc Salem is an audience captivating mentalist who is considered an authority in non-verbal communication. Mr. Salem is a researcher professor who has travelled the world and entertained millions. He is an expert on the nature and development of the mental process. The Amazing Kreskin, who was ranked at position 5 is a veteran mentalist who does an excellent job at dramatizing the very unique facets of the human brain.

Uri Geller comes across the board as the world’s most celebrated mystifies, and a force to reckon with in the industry. Marc Helfand, the last mentalist to feature in this list, started to study magic and mentalism when he was just 9 years old. Today, he has performed hundreds of shows and entertained millions of people. has said that their ranking of the best mentalist will be updated around this time next year (2018).

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