Woodenrings.com Now Shipping Handmade Wooden Jewelry Worldwide with Free Shipping!

WoodenRings.com jewelry makes handmade wooden rings and ships then worldwide

June 17, 2017 (FPRC) -- WoodenRings.com is now shipping its handmade jewlery worldwide for free. We can have a handmade wooden ring shipped worldwide in under a week. We offer several types of handmade wooden rings for sale.

The Bentwood rings are made by vacuum impregnating the wood in an advanced adhesive and bending it in a circle to achieve an extremely durable and waterproof construction. They are offered in many colors and layering combinations, we can also replicate any ring you have seen elsewhere. The ring armor service is optional on all bentwood rings,

The Silver and Wood rings are made by putting a wood veneer on a sterling silver, stainless steel, copper or gold core. The wood, inlay and precious stone options and layering combinations are endless and any color or wood variety is available on request.

Solid wood rings are cut from a solid piece of wood and sanded smooth, they can also be single or multi-wood. The solid wood rings come with a beeswax finish by default which makes them water resistant, They can last for life if properly cared for but are the least durable of the three ring construction methods. They are an excellent option for shoppers on a budget.

All of the rings have a lifetime warranty, they are very durable pieces of jewelry. We can make rings in any size and width you like and can send ring sizers for free if you like. We use state of the art machinery to make the rings are have the best value, best warranty and fastest shipping in the industry. Come visit our site or give us a call!

For more information contact Jeff of WoodenRings.com  (http://https://www.woodenrings.com)

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