Mentalizer Education Launches Enrollment Platform

Mentalizer Education has launched a new enrollment site

June 23, 2017 (FPRC) -- Mentalizer Education, an organization that provides knowledge and training on body language, mind reading, mental toughness, and mysticism, has launched a new site that will be used to enroll members. The new site – – was launched yesterday, and features an introductory page telling people how they can get started into mentalism. This move will likely see new mentalism fanatics join in for the company.

Mentalizer Education is an organization by Ehud Segev, one of the world’s top mentalists. Mentalists are individuals who perform combination magic tricks, usually for entertainment purposes. Born in the Israeli city of Safed, and growing up in Upper Galilee, Ehud Segev spent a significant chunk of his boyhood years reading books on mysticism, body language, mind reading, and other cryptic subjects. By the time he was a teenager, Ehud could easily make people laugh. At one time when he was 19 years old, Ehud Segev correctly predicted the winner of a mayoral’s election from 12 candidates. Amazed by this, the media christened him the ‘Mental Analyzer’. Today, Ehud Segev is referred to as the Mentalizer. He travels the world performing, as well as educates his audiences on tricks of body language, communication, and mind-reading.

In addition to being a renown mentalist, Ehud Segev is also a bestselling author. His two books, ‘Secrets of the Voice’ and ‘9 Steps to Influence’ introduce the average person to advanced body language tricks, and mentalism. Both books are available in paperback, e-book and audio versions online at Amazon Kindle and

The new site by Mentalizer Education – – features an introductory message from Ehud Segev, who explains how people can make their lives more meaningful by doing small, everyday things. The site introduces visitors to three concepts, the language of the universe, non-verbal communication, and the mind’s code. According to Mentalizer Education, the universe is always trying to communicate to people on a daily basis, through the small things. By equipping themselves with the skills needed to read the signs, people can easily blend in and even change the world. Users are also introduced to non-verbal communication, which makes up to 93% of all human communication. By mastering non-verbal cues, people can easily read others’ minds. Through neuro-linguistic programming and other covert techniques, Mentalizer Education explains that users can also learn how to reprogram themselves and others.

Hannah Tiram, the brand manager at Mentalizer Education, said, “The entire Mentalizer Education team is delighted to introduced our new site This will be a new base where our fans can enroll for the broad Mentalizer program, where they will be learning non-verbal communication, the language of the universe, and how to unlock the mind from Ehud Segev himself. All are welcome to sign up at…”

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