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July 13, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics bigwig Thermalabs today launched a brand new online shop for its cosmetics products. The new site, going by the domain name, is an entirely new storefront where the company will be staging its inventory moving forward. Previously, the company has been selling its wares online via popular third-party marketplaces such as

Thermalabs is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics products. The company started out three years ago, launching its premium pilot product – the original self-tanner. Designed from exclusively organic and natural ingredients, such as the likes of Green Tea and Aloe Vera, this product was a major hit in the market. Thermalabs managed to sell over 10,000 units within just the first week in the market, which was a major feat by all standards. The success of this product attracted the attention of industry authority blogs, and some media outlets fixated on the cosmetic market.

Although Thermalabs is highly popular in the global self-tanning space, the company has also diversified to other market niches. Thermalabs has over the last few years launched three distinct sub-brands. These include Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea manufactures the company’s increasing range of skincare products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World is the firm in charge of all beach and outdoor tents affiliated to Thermalabs, while Organic Healthcare is a more recent outfit that creates health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients., the new platform, is meant to be the central online store where customers can buy with convenience. The company has said that it’s looking to increase shopper convenience at a time when global demand for its products is skyrocketing. The site is organized into five distinct categories each of which represents one of Thermalabs core sub-brands. The online catalogs are Self-Tanners, Thermalabs Beach, Thermalabs Air, Thermalabs Accessories, and Bath & Body.

Alex Howard, the Thermalabs lead marketing coordinator, said, “We are today excited to announce the launch of our brand new online storefront. This is the new base from which our customers around the world can order any of our 40+ products. Previously, Thermalabs has been selling its wares online via third-party marketplaces such as But as demand for our cosmetics products has increased, we’ve seen a need to streamline our online shopping channels. Today, our brand is available in the U.S, the UK, France, Germany, and many other markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We’re looking for new ways to reach out to customers, and will help make all our products accessible from a single, central place. Stay tuned to Thermalabs for more…”

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