New Site Gives Fans Direct Contact to Ehud Segev, a brand-new site, will give fans direct access to Ehud Segev

July 14, 2017 (FPRC) -- Mentalizer Education launched a brand-new site that will give fans direct access to mentalist Ehud Segev. The new site, going by the domain will be a specialized hub where Ehud’s audience can learn more about mentalism as well as ask specific questions via a contact form. This move, Mentalizer Education says, is meant to help people learn more about Ehud Segev and his supernatural feats.

Ehud Segev is a renowned mentalist who was born in the Israeli city of Safed. Growing up, Ehud spent a lot of his time reading books on mentalism, mind reading, and other cryptic subjects. At one time, the librarian was so alarmed that he requested the young boy to bring a written permission from his parent. Ehud’s unique abilities were evident during his teenage years. By the time he was 19 years old, he could correctly predict the winner in a mayor’s election from a whopping list of 12 candidates. Ehud has today traveleed the world and entertained guests during hundreds of events. He is also often hired by corporate enterprises to educate their employees on important skills such as body language and mind reading. has ranked Ehud Segev among the top 3 mentalists in the world today., the new website platform, is an informational hub where visitors can learn about the language of the universe, non-verbal communication, as well as unlocking codes of the human mind. According to Mr. Segev, the universe is always trying to converse with its subjects. By learning the language of the universe, people can be able to understand the power of being, be able to read the signs, and put themselves in a position to change their world. Users can stage specific questions directly to Ehud Segev via the contact page on the site.

Mr. Segev believes in educating his fans on important skills such as body language and powerful communication. While some audiences have referred to his abilities as magic, Ehud is keen to emphasize that he only taps into the innate powers of the human mind.

Hannah Tiram, a spokeswoman at Mentalizer Education, said, “Mentalizer Education has launched a new website going by the domain This is a new platform where users can interact with Mr. Segev as well as ask specific questions on the art of mentalism. Through this platform, the world-renowned mentalist is just a click away from his fans. For people who are looking to learn more about Ehud Segev, and his supernatural feats, this is a superb opportunity. Stay tuned to Mentalizer Education for more…”

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