New Moon Saucer Beach Chair Now Available

Thermalabs brand new Moon Saucer Chair is now available in the market

July 26, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Moon Saucer Chair, which was recently released by Thermalabs, is now available for sale. The company said that customers can now obtain this product online via its listings on, as well as via its own e-commerce storefront at Thermalabs has introduced the Moon Saucer beach chair barely month after it reiterated its commitment to the beach-going market, which is one of the fastest growing market segments in the accessories industry.

Thermalabs is a leading firm that manufactures self-tanners and other cosmetics products. The company is headquartered in New York City, but operates a number of production centers in other parts of the world. Established back in 2013, Thermalabs has come a long way to being one of the top providers in the market right now. The firmís introductory product, a self-tanning lotion that was known as the Original Self Tanner, was a major hit in the market. This was a premium tanning lotion that was created from unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Following a proper pre-marketing campaign by Thermalabs, this particular product managed to sell over 10,000 units within just the first week in the market. The success that this product earned in the market helped create a solid platform from which Thermalabs could pitch its subsequent releases.

Thermalabs has today furnished the market with at least three dozen products, most of which are tanning related. The firm is widely known due to its organic and natural self-tanners, as well as tanning accessories. However, over the last few years, the firm appears to be shifting focus from tanning accessories to beach-convenience products. Thermalabs has within the last 12 months announced an assortment of beach accessories ranging from beach t-shirts, beach chairs, beach beds, and more. The moon saucer is just the latest product to add to this list.

Thermalabs new moon saucer chair has been marketed as a durable, lightweight and portable relaxation chair that can come in handy in both indoor and outdoor locations. The chair can be used in dorm rooms, balconies, living rooms, at a camping site, in the garden, and even at the beach. It is designed from a combination of study, long-lasting polyester, and a durable metal frame. Thermalabs has said that its moon saucer chair is ideal for use by both kids and adults, and makes a must-have easy reading chair for every home. The product is now available online via, as well as via the firmís official listing.

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