Thermalabs Launches No Logo Version of Its Spray Tan Tent

Thermalabs has launched a new version of its Spray Tan Tent that doesn’t have a logo

July 29, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has today launched a brand-new version of its spray tan tent. The new model, which is bronze in color and doesn’t have a logo, means that spray tanning salons can custom-brand it as their own. The company has said that this move follows incessant requests from customers. Currently, the firm has furnished the market with at least three top-quality spray tanning tents. Apparently, the company is also working on other models, as it seeks to establish itself as the go-to provider of airbrushing systems and spray tanning accessories in the market today.

Thermalabs is a leading U.S. cosmetics firm that’s based in New York City. The company’s main headquarters are in New York, but Thermalabs also operates a number of production centers in other parts of the world, with the main ones being in Israel. Thermalabs started out as a small firm that created organic and natural self-tanning formulations. However, over the last two years, the company has graduated to a full-blown cosmetics manufacturer that creates over 40 different products spanning multiple niches. The firm has also established several sub-brands to take charge of its burgeoning product inventory. These include Supremasea, Tent World, Thermalabs Air, and Thermalabs Organic Healthcare. Thermalabs Air is the brand under which the company’s spray tan tents and airbrushing machines are created. Supremasea creates skin-care formulations that are based on 100% organic ingredients, while Tent World is the company’s arm in charge of beach and outdoor tent. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, the firm’s latest sub-brand, creates health care products based on naturally occurring herbs, seeds, and plants.

In addition to three distinct spray tanning tents, Thermalabs Air has also furnished the market with an extensive range of six airbrushing machines. These are high-efficiency airbrushing systems that are designed to deliver a beautiful and soft makeup application. In addition to makeup, these machines can also be used with body painting, tattooing, nail art, cake decoration, and dozens of other functions.

Thermalabs new bronze Spray tan tent that doesn’t have a logo makes it easy for spray tanning salons to custom-brand it as their own. Alex Howard, the company’s marketing coordinator, said, “We are glad to release a brand-new version of our bronze spray tan tent that doesn’t have a logo. We arrived at this decision following massive requests from our customers, and are glad to meet the needs of our audience. This new tent makes it bliss for spray tanning salons, makeup artists and other professional entities in the cosmetics market to custom-brand our tents. The new version of our tent is available online via”

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