SEO Turned Blogger Launches New Blog to Help Budding Entrepreneurs

Professional SEO and digital marketing agency CEO Jose Gonzalez is turning his hand to helping others for free by blogging about what he knows.

August 3, 2017 (FPRC) --

Professional SEO Jose Gonzalez launched his new blog
earlier this month. After a decade of working with clients in 21 countries and launching
over 230 online stores, Jose is turning to one of his dearest passions: teaching others
how to ‘do stuff’ online.

“There’s a very nice feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment when you help somebody
understand how to do something and then watch them actually do it for themselves,”
Jose told us. “Seeing that sense of empowerment develop in somebody is priceless”.
Through his new blog, Jose plans to help as many people as he can get started online,
where he has seen big companies profit over the years and where he says the greatest
opportunity for most people today is creating something worthwhile and reaching others

Jose has already started publishing content and the blog is slowly picking up
momentum. Jose’s ambitions for his blog is to build a great and useful reference where
others can keep going back to and hopefully hearing back from those people as they go
on to start their own things online.

Moreover, Hoz is making himself available for questions via his AskHoz section, inviting visitors to ask him anything and promising to create a piece of content to answer the visitor's question in detail as best he can.

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