Organic Healthcare Brand Launches on Amazon

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is now available online

August 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- Organic Healthcare, a new brand that was launched by Thermalabs, has established an online presence on, as it seeks to increase brand awareness and get a bigger audience for its releases. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare manufactures healthcare products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients. Already, the brandís products have been available online via, but apparently, the firm is looking to boost its market prospects.

Organic Healthcare is one of four sub-brands owned by Thermalabs, one of the worldís leading producers of cosmetics products and self-tanners. Other sub-brands include Supremasea, Tent World, and Thermalabs Air. Supremasea is the Thermalabs division thatís tasked with creating quality skin care products based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World is the firmís division in charge of the beach and outdoor shelters, while Thermalabs Air is a brand tasked with manufacturing, marketing and distributing airbrushing machines and accessories. While Organic Healthcare is Thermalabs latest sub-brand established back in 2016, itís managed to establish a market foothold and introduced at least two new products to the market.

Based in Israelís Galilee region, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare makes organic health products based on naturally occurring seeds, herbs, and plants sourced from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. The firm apparently looks at healthcare backward, relying on over 1000 years of ancient health care wisdom acquired from the Rambam (a preeminent Jewish scholar and physician). With its products, Organic Healthcare taps into traditional ingredients to try and restore some of the energy, vigor and good health that human ancestors enjoyed. All the firmís products are handmade by professional artisans who are well versed in the traditions of ancient Galileans.

Already, Organic Healthcare has managed to furnish the market with a total of two products, namely the Anti Nail Fungus, and the Aragan Oil Miracle Serum. The Anti Nail Fungus is a 100% bio-organic handmade health product with no chemicals or parabens. Itís designed to help with nail fungus and features unique ingredients such as Tea Tree, Rue, Dead Sea Salt, Oregano, and Seaweed. The Aragan Oil Miracle Serum, on the other hand, is a 100% bio-organic product that also has no chemicals or parabens. Both products are handmade with the highest standards of health in mind and are meant to provide a natural, safe and reliable health solution for the companyís audience. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare has also said that itís finalizing work on the third product, the Jerusalem Serum Miracle Ointment, which will hit the market any time from now.

Priscilla Rodgers, who is Organic Healthcareís brand manager, has said that customers can access the firmís new products online via Ms. Rodgers has also said that theyíre working on having their new releases available in some of the top stores around the country.

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