Thermalabs Launches Folding Beach Bed

Thermalabs has today introduced its new folding beach bed

August 19, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics power brand Thermalabs today introduced yet another product to the market. The new release, a folding beach bed, will be available to customers starting today. This launch comes barely two months after the company announced that it was working on increasing its beach-convenience inventory. Over the last few years, Thermalabs has launched dozens of products for the beach going audience, ranging from beach t-shirts to beach beds and beach chairs.

Based in New York City, Thermalabs is one of the leading providers of self-tanners and cosmetics products in the market today. The company opened shop three years ago and started out with a self-tanning lotion that was referred to as the Original Self Tanner. Formulated with organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea, this lotion delivered a beautiful tan within just four hours. It was a major hit in the market and attracted a lot of attention from industry blogs and media outlets focused on the cosmetics space. The success that the company derived from its pilot product launched set the stage for the successful launch of subsequent releases.

Thermalabs has segmented its operations into four distinct brands, in an attempt to increase its market presence. These include Supremasea, Thermalabs Air, Tent World, and Thermalabs Organic Healthcare. Thermalabs Supremasea is the firmís arm that manufactures skin care products using Dead Sea salts as the core ingredients. Tent World is the branch in charge of outdoor tents, while Thermalabs Air creates airbrushing machines and accessories. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, the firmís last and latest sub-brand, produces organic health products that are designed from 100% bio-organic ingredients. Thus far, this sort of segmentation strategy appears to be working for Thermalabs.

The newly launched folding beach bed is a lightweight and portable relax bed thatís designed for use at the beach. According to Thermalabs, this particular product is a must-have for people who love to just chill and bask at the beach, while wasting the time away. In addition, this particular beach bed also comes in handy for users looking to read a book or rest in the garden or any other outdoor location for that matter.

Alex Howard, the top marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, ďWe are excited today to introduce our new folding beach bed to the market. This is a classic accessory thatís ideal for use at the beach, or in any other outdoor location for that matter. Our beach bed can support weight of up to 225lbs, and length of up to 6Ē. This is a must-have accessory for outdoor buffs. Our customers can now acquire the green beach bed online at Amazon.comĒ

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