Thermalabs Ultimitt is Now Available in Germany

One of Thermalabs best-ever releases, the Ultimitt, has now launched in Germany

August 24, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, which is one of the best-performing product ever launched by Thermalabs, is now available in the German market. This comes as the global cosmetics seller takes steps to increase its market geography, and establish itself as the go-to provider of cosmetics products. Over the last few months, the company has introduced its Gold Standard Tanner, its Protectan Sunscreen lotion, and a section of other popular products in European markets such as the UK, Italy, France, Spain, and now Germany.

Thermalabs is one of the largest suppliers of cosmetics products around the world. The company started out back in 2013 but has managed to release a wide range of products, most of which are giving the competition a run for their money. Thermalabs has so far furnished the market with a total of 40 products. Although most of which are self-tanners, the firm has also diversified into other market niches. Over the last two years, Thermalabs has increased its production of beach t-shirts, beach chairs, beach beds, beach tents, and other products designed for the convenience of beach-goers.

To actualize its diversification strategy, Thermalabs has announced distinct sub-brands to take charge of various operations. The firmís current sub-brands include Supremasea, Tent World, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, and Thermalabs Air. Supremasea is the firmís division that manufactures skin care products based on Dead Sea salts and minerals. Tent World is the companyís new division that manufactures outdoor shelters for use at the beach. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is a fairly recent arm of the company thatís tasked with creating organic health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients. Lastly, Thermalabs Air is an outfit of the company that manufactures airbrushing machines and airbrushing accessories.

Thermalabs Ultimitt was the firmís second-ever release. At a time when users were complaining about most of the tanning mitts available in the market, Thermalabs seized the opportunity and designed a better, bigger, and longer-lasting tanning mitt. The product was big enough to cover the entire palm and avoid staining during application. More so, it could be used with tanners from other brands and shipped with premium freebies. These were perhaps some of the benefits that cemented the Ultimitt as one of the best-selling tanning mitts of all time.

Alex Howard, a top marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, ďThe entire Thermalabs team is today glad to introduce one of our hit products, the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, in the German market. Our customers in Germany can now take advantage of the marketís leading mitt to apply self-tanners and all other lotion-based cosmetics products. This product is now available online at Stay tuned to Thermalabs for moreÖĒ

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