New London Secure Document Archival Storage Facility Helps Local Business Owners Reclaim Office Space

A new facility for London secure document storage s now available for businesses in London and Kent. It specializes in storing sensitive but non-active paperwork. Local businesses can now free up valuable office space by securely storing any documents away from their office.

London, UK (FPRC) August 24, 2017 -- Crane Business Solutions has branched out into the London secure document storage business. They now offer fellow business owners a local option to store their documents and retrieve them as needed when the government demands to take a look.

While paper clutter includes documents that are currently in use as well as documents that can be shredded or recycled, there's a fourth category of paper that can take up significant space in an office: documents that the government requires businesses to keep and produce on demand for inspections.

These types of documents include records of all money received and spent by a company, including receipts, invoices, contracts, and bank statements. There are also a variety of other financial and business records businesses must keep for at least 6 years.

All these documents can take up a significant amount of space and can easily take over rooms needed for staff members and office work. The solution is to store them in a London secure document storage facility from which they can be retrieved whenever needed.

Considering the expense of office space, with prices of 150 per square foot and beyond in the London area, placing those documents in much less costly and more economical secure archival document storage facilities just makes sense.

Crane Business Solutions started their London secure archival storage facility because they ran into the same problem. Their office filled up with paperwork, and they needed to reclaim that space for their staff members. At the same time, their warehouse had increasing extra capacity because they were now getting their office products from their suppliers on a very timely as-needed basis.

After repurposing their warehouse to accommodate secure document archival storage, they offered their storage service to other local businesses in London and Kent.

Michael Crane, the owner of Crane Business Solutions, explains, 'First, I moved my own sensitive 'must keep for the government' documents to my warehouse. And then I realized I could help quite a few other business owners reclaim their space by placing their own sensitive yet non-active paperwork in my document storage facility.'

He is now ready to help fellow local business owners who are looking for a reliable, secure, and local archival document storage service. For more information, they should call 0800 007 5566.

For more information contact Michael Crane of Crane Business Solutions  (
0800 007 5566

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