Anand Software Releases CBT Software for Educators and Authors

Anand Software and Training, a privately held company, released Computer Based Test Software to cater to the requirements of educational institutes, authors, organizations, and individuals.

September 13, 2017 (FPRC) -- Anand Software and Training recently released Computer Based Test Engine. The software is useful for training institutes, educators and organizations in assessing the candidates and/or employees. The CBT consists of two components:

CBT Author Software
CBT Exam Software

1. Author Software:

The Author software enables an author to perform several activities including the following:

Create, edit, and/or delete a test
Create Groups and Candidate profiles (say, students in a group)
Create, edit and/or delete questions.

Several types of questions are supported by the Computer Based Tester. These include the following question types:

Multiple Choice Single Answers up to six multiple choice answers, only one correct answer
Multiple Choice Multi Answer up to six multiple choice answers, two or more correct answers
Drag-n-drop The candidate needs to drag the answer to appropriate place and drop
Hotspot Uses mouse clicking and selecting the answer area (also called hotspot)

Testlet type of questions - Here a candidate has to answer two or more questions based on a given scenario. The questions are based on a passage and/or a situation with or without any exhibits.

The author module is free to download and use. Any number of tests may be created using author module. There is no limit on the number of questions in a particular test.

How the entire software works: The author creates one or more tests using the freely downloadable author test module. The author may create student profiles and the groups to which a student belongs. He may also assign the tests that belong to a particular group. By default, there is only one group to which all tests are assigned. After completion of test questions, groups (optional), and student profiles (optional), the author saves (exports) the exam info to a known location on the local or remote computer. Now, the examiner imports the test module from the computer on which the Exam Engine is installed. After importing, it is possible to administer the exam to the candidates.Detailed help files are available in the product website.

Note that even though the CBT Author Module is free to download and use, one needs to buy the Exam Engine.

2. Exam Engine: The CBT Exam Engine provides the platform to administer exams to the candidates. Typically, the examiner imports the previously saved test module(s) and re initializes the exam engine. The exam engine is packed with several features. Given below are few of the important features:

Learn and exam modes to enable students to learn first and then assess their skills
Review the questions after test is completed

Timed Author/supervisor can set the test time after completion of which, the test is automatically closed.

Configurable. Most of the features including the question weightage, number of questions in an exam, whether to provide back button, or to enable review of questions by the student, etc. are all configurable by the examiner. Even the study mode may be disabled by the examiner.

Adjustable font and night modes: Night mode flips the screen colors so that the display is soft on the human eyes even during night. Adjustable font enables a candidate to attend to the exam with comfort.

Detailed Stats: Statistics are saved in a very granular manner, giving the performance of each candidate.

Customization of template: If you are an organization, it is possible to customize the template so that the logo, etc. represent your own organization.

Score Report: Candidates may be provided (by print or email) detailed score reports and a certificate upon completion of the exam.

Security: The questions database resides only in your organizations computers and not uploaded to any common location on the web. The author retains the copyright of the question database. The entire test environment is local to your network.

The CBT -Exam Engine is available in demo mode for assessing the usefulness of the software to a given requirement. Any queries may please be sent to cs at

For more information contact Vijay of Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd  (

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