Supremasea Launches Shea Body Butter

Supremasea has launched a brand new product going by the name ‘Shea Body Butter’

September 26, 2017 (FPRC) -- Supremasea has today introduced a brand new product known as the Shea Body Butter. This is a triple moisture lotion that has healing properties and is designed for individuals who are suffering from dry skin, wrinkles, and other common skin ailments. The new product launch comes at a time when the firm is seeking to establish itself as the go-to provider of quality skincare products.

Supremasea is a sub-brand of Thermalabs, one of the world’s leading providers of self-tanners and cosmetics lotions. Established back in 2014, Supremasea manufactures skin care products based on Dead Sea salts and mineral salts. In addition to Supremasea, other sub-brands that are operated by Thermalabs include Tent World, Organic Healthcare, and Thermalabs Air. Tent World is the firm’s sub-brand that produces beach and outdoor tents. Organic Healthcare is a rather recent sub-brand that creates health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients. Thermalabs Air, on the other hand, is a firm that creates airbrushing machines and airbrushing accessories.

Supremasea’s pilot launch was a lotion product designed to enhance that perfect glow after a tan. It also contained Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental pollutants and doubled up as a moisturizer that worked on all skin types. Known as Tan Enhancer, the product performed notably well in the market. It was popular among people who were concerned about having to re-apply their tanner every once in a while. In recent times, Supremasea has launched more releases including the Lavender body scrub exfoliator, the Vanilla Patchouli body scrub exfoliator, and the Shea Body Butter. Both the Lavender and the Vanilla Patchouli body scrubs are exfoliating lotions that are designed from Dead Sea mineral salts, and a combination of other organic ingredients.

Thermalabs Shea Body Butter is a special purpose lotion with healing properties. According to Kristina Meyers, brand manager at Supremasea, this product works on all skin types. It is particularly recommended for people who suffer from dry skin, scars, wrinkles, and other common skin problems. The Shea Body Butter lotion is formulated from a combination of Dead Sea mineral salts, Sweet Almond Oils, Coconut Oils, and Avocado Oil. Supremasea has said that this product is a must-have for users who are looking for an all-around lotion that contributes to the health of their skin.

Ms. Meyers has said that consumers who are interested in the Shea Body Butter can now obtain it online via

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