Top 10 Analysis Launches To Provide The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Faucets and Portable Toilet is a new website looking to become the authority in home furnishings, and has started with a comprehensive review of the best toilets available in 2016.

October 2, 2017 (FPRC) -- Kitchen faucets are evolving rapidly, as technology and increased kitchen automation beginning to make homes more comfortable to live in, more pleasant to interact with and more customizable than ever before. Top 10 Analysis a website that has just launched to track the latest homeware releases of furnishings and accessories that can add a new dimension to homes. Starting with the fundamentals, they have just launched their first piece of content- a comprehensive comparison review of the best kitchen faucets available for comfort, economy and design.

The review of kitchen faucets includes a shortlist of the three top performing faucets in the industry, with items shortlisted according to their quality, performance, water saving capability, comfort and visual aesthetic. Each item shortlisted comes with a comprehensive individual review as well as a discussion of its place in the wider market, helping individuals make their own decisions with the best information and insight available.

The editorial is just the first of many that will furnish the site, which has already looked at touchless faucets ( ) and portable camping toilets ( ) to help people get the best comfort and economy no matter their circumstances.

A spokesperson for Top 10 Analysis explained, We have launched the site and focused on kitchen faucets first and foremost, as these are one of the most important technical innovations of the home in the last hundred years, and their design continues to get more sophisticated as technology advances. The website will eventually expand into new areas, but we wanted to start with this often overlooked element of home design, because its amazing the positive difference a great toilet can make not only to utility bills but to the daily human experience. Top 10 Analysis is just beginning, and we cant wait to become the authority on home furnishings throughout the year ahead.

About Top 10 Analysis: Top 10 Analysis narrow the best valued, top performing and best designed kitchen faucets into a simplified comparison of different products in the market, helping people understand the options available and make informed consumer decisions, cherry picking from the best the market has to offer. For more information please visit:

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