Tent World Introduces Its Jupiter Tent in France

Tent World has introduced its Jupiter beach tent in the French market

October 9, 2017 (FPRC) -- Tent World has introduced its Jupiter outdoor tent in the French market. This is the fifth product that the company has launched in the European market over the last few months. Apparently, the firm is seeking to establish itself as the go-to provider of quality outdoor tents in the market. Tent World has over the last two years introduced some of its best products in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and other large European markets.

Tent World is an emerging manufacturer of beach and outdoor tents. The firm first opened its doors in 2015, starting out with an initial beach tent that was referred to as the Mercury beach tent. This was a premium tent product that was featured a protective coating to protect occupants from the sunís harmful radiation, which is thought to cause cancer. The tent had other unique amenities, including side pockets that could be filled with sand to increase stability at a windy beach, and an extra comfortable bottom that was ideal for kids. The tentís immense success in the market has been instrumental in turning Tent World to the successful outfit it is today.

Tent World has today furnished the market with a comprehensive range spanning over a dozen different tents. Each of these is named after a planet in the solar system, in accordance with its size. Tent Worldís largest tent is referred to as the Sun. This tent is large enough to accommodate a large group of up to 12 people and features an open canopy design that makes it suitable for events. The smallest tent in the firmís lineup is referred to as Pluto. This is a premium outdoor tent that is designed for use by kids. It is so small that it can only be used by kids or toddlers. It comes with amenities such as a free coloring book, and different styles that are perfect for kids.

Each of the companyís tents features an open pop up design that makes them extremely easy to use. This is perhaps one of the key factors that have contributed to the tents being a major hit in the market. The firmís Jupiter tent is an outdoor canopy tent thatís designed for use by up to 8 people. The tent can come in handy at the beach, in your private garden, at the public park, or in any other outdoors location for that matter.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager for Tent World, has said that customers within France can now obtain this product online via Amazon.fr.

For more information contact Ada Laush of Tent World  (http://tent.tips )

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