Thermalabs Library to Publish New Books

Thermalabs is looking to publish more books in its self-tanning library

October 9, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics bigwig Thermalabs today said that it’s looking to publish more books in its popular self-tanning library. The company launched this library in an attempt to educate users on the best tanning practices, tanning problems, and strategies to get the best results. The firm has said that adding more books to the Thermalabs library is in line with its commitment to educating its users around the world. Already, the firm has said its specialists are working on at least two new books that will help its consumers tan better, and effectively safeguard the health of their skin.

Thermalabs is one of the leading providers of self-tanners and other cosmetics products in the market today. The firm has furnished the market with a comprehensive range spanning over 15 different tanners and tanning accessories. These include the firm’s pilot product, Gold Standard Tanner, the Glow2Go tan applicator mitt, the travel-sized tanner, and the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, among many more. Other products that the firm has launched in the market include a comprehensive range of skincare products based on Dead Sea salts and minerals, as well as beach-accessories as it seeks to diversify its offering.

Although Thermalabs has expanded to become a large company that houses at least four distinct sub-brands (Supremasea, Tent World, Thermalabs Air, and Organic Healthcare), the company’s library primarily focuses on self-tanning. The first book the company published, which is titled ‘Self-Tanning Secrets’, is a comprehensive guide that elaborates the fundamentals of tanning. The book focuses on tanning methods, dangers to tanning, and explains how to go about each tanning session so that the user gets maximum results. The book is currently available to Thermalabs customers as a free accompaniment to every order, but can also be obtained at a small price on

The move by Thermalabs to publish more free books to educate customers has been perceived positively by industry insiders. Some critics have pointed out that this is an overall good move to increase brand awareness in the market. All the same, customers are the big winners, and many have praised the firm’s commitment to educating consumers.

Alex Howard, the Thermalabs marketing coordinator, said, “Thermalabs has today committed to expanding its library by publishing more, detail-packed books on matters tanning. Currently, our library contains just one book, the Secrets of Tanning, but we’re looking to pump it with more, powerful guides. In the near future, we are also looking to publish free, expert-written books on the beach-life, organic health care, and general skin care. Stay tuned to Thermalabs for more…”

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