Mars Beach Tent Now Available in the UK

Tent World’s Mars tent is now available in the UK

October 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- The Mars outdoor beach tent by Tent World is now available in the UK market. This comes barely a month after the firm announced that it was working to make most of its products available in the European market segments. Over the last few weeks, Tent World has launched its products in France, the UK, Germany, and Italy, among other top European markets. The firm is serious about establishing itself as a global provider of top quality beach and outdoor tents.

Tent World’s pilot tent, the Mercury beach, and outdoor tent was unveiled in December 2015. This was a top-quality, premium tent that was designed to shield occupants from the sun’s harmful radiation. The tent featured a protective coating to keep off UV, and side pockets that could be filled with stand for increased stability. Other amenities that made this product popular included an extra-comfortable bottom for kids and a friendly design that came off great in any outdoor location. Indeed, the success that Tent World accomplished from this product launch helped the firm establish a foothold in the market, and created a solid platform for its subsequent releases.

Tent World is today one of the fastest-growing providers of beach and outdoor tents in the market. The firm has managed to furnish the market with a comprehensive range spanning over a dozen different tents. All of these tents are named after planets in the solar system and are designed to provide maximum value to various target groups. The largest tent in the firm’s lineup is referred to as the Sun, while the smallest one is known as Pluto. While the Sun tent is large enough to accommodate a large group of up to 12 people, Pluto tents are so small that they can only accommodate kids or toddlers. Other popular tents by the company include Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune.

The Mars beach tent is an anti-UV beach shelter that can house 2-3 people. This particular tent provides shelter from the sun, rain, and wind while at the beach or in any other outdoor location. According to Tent World, this particular shade can be used by both kids and adults. The tent is a favorite for couples and families who are looking to take their little one along when they go to the beach.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager at Tent World, has said that the firm’s customers in the UK can now obtain this product online via

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