Tent World Introduces Its Pluto Violet Tent in France

Tent World has launched its Pluto Violet tent in the French market

October 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- Tent World today introduced its Pluto Violet outdoor shelter in the French market. This move comes at a time when the company has underscored its commitment to furnish the market with a comprehensive range of quality beach and outdoor shelters. Over the last few months, the company has launched a number of its top products in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and other large European markets. The new product launch will probably lead to increased revenues and brand awareness for the firm.

Tent World is one of the leading producers of beach and outdoor shelters in the market. The firm, which was launched back in 2015, started out with a primary outdoor tent that was known as the Mercury instant popup tent. This was a classic beach tent that could be set up or dismantled within a matter of seconds. The tent featured an extra coating to shield occupants from the sunís harmful UV radiation, as well as an extra comfortable bottom for kids. Just large enough to accommodate a small family, this tent was a major hit in the market. Indeed, industry insiders have argued that its success in the market laid the solid foundation that Tent World needed to make it in this very competitive space.

Tent World has thus far furnished the market with a comprehensive range spanning over 12 different products. Each of these is a purpose-driven tent that is designed for a particular audience. Tent World names its tents after planets in the solar system. The firmís largest-ever tent is known as the sun and is large enough to accommodate a large group of up to 12 people. This tent features an open canopy design and is meant for outdoor garden events. On the opposite end of the size spectrum is Pluto, the firmís smallest tent that can only accommodate kids or toddlers. Other significant tents built by the company include Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune.

The Pluto Violet tent that has launched in France is built for little kids. This tent features kids-friendly features, an attractive color, and comes with a coloring book to keep its occupants occupied. The Pluto Violet tent can be used at the beach, at a public park, private park, camping site, picnicking spot, and any other outdoor location for that matter.

Ann Spencer, who is Tent Worldís brand manager, has said the companyís customers in France can now obtain this product online via Amazon.fr.

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