Thermalabs Releases Its Antiaging Sunscreen Lotion in the UK

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has launched its antiaging sunscreen in the UK

October 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs today introduced its popular sunscreen lotion in the UK market. This comes at a time when the firm is looking to expand its market geography outside its traditional U.S. base. Thermalabs has over the last few years launched a section of its products in the UK, France, Italy, and other large European markets. Apparently, the firm is also seeking to establish itself as the go-to provider of top quality tanners and skincare products in the global market.

Thermalabs is a major cosmetics manufacturer based in New York City. The firm first opened its doors in 2013, starting out with an introductory tanner that was known as the Gold Standard tanner. This was a premium tanning lotion that sold like hotcake in the market. The tanner was formulated from Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Green Tea, and multiple other unique skin care ingredients. The product managed to sell over 1000 units on its first day in and attracted a lot of positive brand coverage for Thermalabs. Indeed, the success that the company yielded from its initial launch has helped it establish itself as the top provider of cosmetics lotions in the market.

Thermalabs has thus far furnished the global market with a comprehensive range spanning over 30 different products. The majority of these are self-tanners, but the firm has also ventured into the beach convenience and organic health markets. To operate its diverse product portfolio, the firm has segmented into four distinct brands, which are Supremasea, Tent World, Thermalabs Air, and Organic Healthcare. Thermalabs Supremasea is the firmís division that creates skincare products based on Dead Sea salts and mineral salts. Tent World manufactures outdoor shelters and beach tents. Thermalabs Air is the brand in charge of airbrushing machines and airbrushing accessories, while Organic Healthcare is a division of Thermalabs that creates organic health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients.

Thermalabs antiaging sunscreen lotion, also known as Protectan, is primarily designed to protect the skin from UV rays emitted by the sun. Scientists have for a long time reiterated that these rays from the sun are among the leading causes of skin cancer. Thermalabs Protectan also hydrates the skin and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 that quickly absorbs and enriches the skin. The product is both hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It can be used by both men and women and works on all skin types.

Thermalabs top marketing coordinator, Alex Howard, has said that customers in the UK can obtain this product online via

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