Ehud Segev Releases Anomal DVD has launched a new educational DVD known as ‘Anomal’

October 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- has introduced a DVD sale of ANOMAL on its online shop at ‘Anomal-Story of a Supernatural Boy’ is Ehud Segev’s off-broadway hit show that received critical acclaim especially because it was a half play and a half mentalism act. This new DVD, which is available to fans starting today, comes with the original play that was performed at the American Theatre of Actors, and in Times Square in New York City. has also said that it will include a few bonus tracks mainly revolving around Ehud Segev’s other appearances on TV.

This is an interesting move for, which has sought to establish itself as one of the best independent shops on mentalism materials in the world today. The site, which is owned by renowned mentalist Ehud Segev, also publishes regular content on mind-reading, body language, mysticism, and other cryptic subjects related to mentalism. boasts hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and a massive following on social networks.

Ehud Segev was born in the Israeli city of Safed back in 1979. Ehud’s interest in mentalism was developed at a very early age. When he was just a boy aged 9 years, Mr. Segev would spend hours on end reading books on mind-reading and other subjects related to mentalism at the local library. At one time, the local librarian was so alarmed that he required him to bring a written permission from his parents. By the time Ehud was a teenager, he had already skyrocketed to national limelight. He appeared on numerous Israeli TV shows, and gradually made appearances on international networks such as CNN and NBC. Ehud was at one time featured on NBC’s hit show, ‘Phenomenon’, alongside a few other of the world’s top mentalism talent.

In addition to the ‘Anomal: Story of a Supernatural Boy’ DVD, has also listed Ehud Segev’s two bestselling books. The first book, titled ‘Secrets of the Voice’, is a crash course to mentalism. The book talks about how the voice can be used as an instrumental tool to exert influence. It shows public speakers how they can be more influential, and everyday people how they can read body language by paying attention to aspects of the voice. Ehud’s other bestselling book, 9 Steps to Influence, is an elaborate guide to mentalism. The book explains how anyone can leverage mentalism to be more influential and to generally improve their lives.

Hannah Tiram, who is a spokeswoman at, has said that Ehud Segev’s fans can now obtain the Anomal DVD at a discounted introductory price on

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