Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner Available Back in the Market

Thermalabs original tanning lotion is now back in the market

October 12, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics firebrand Thermalabs has today re-introduced its initial tanning lotion in the market. This comes after a prolonged period of absence as the New York firm struggled to keep up with a worldwide surge in demand. Apparently, more and more people have been turning to organic tanners, especially at a time when the dangers of chemical-based products and tanning approaches such as tanning beds are clear. The move to re-introduce this product in the market will probably see increased revenues and brand awareness for the firm.

Based in New York City, Thermalabs is one of the largest manufacturers of self-tanners and general cosmetics products. The firm was incepted just four years ago and started out with the Gold Standard Tanner as its pilot product. This was a unique self-tan formulation that was both natural and organic. The product contained unique skin care ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. It delivered a beautiful tan within just four hours, which was a big deal given that most of the competitors’ products needed up to six hours to show results. Following an ingenious pre-marketing campaign by the firm, this product was a major hit.

It managed to sell over 10,000 units within just its first week on the market and attracted a lot of positive brand coverage from industry blogs. The success that Thermalabs earned from its primary launch helped the company stage a successful launch for its subsequent releases.

Thermalabs Gold Standard Tanner is available in four different size variations. The original self-tanner (which is the primary size packaging) is 180 ml. There’s also a standard size at 140 ml, and a bonus XL size at 250 ml. The smallest size variation is a 90 ml travel-sized package that is designed to meet TSA restrictions. This particular package is popular with consumers who travel often and who would love to carry their favorite tanner along.

Alex Howard, a top marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said while speaking about the reentry of this product in the market, “We are happy to announce that one of our best-performing products ever – the Gold Standard Tanner – is now available in the market. Over the last few months, we have struggled to keep up with increased demand for one of the most organic tanners in the market. As we have expanded into new markets, our production capacity has been stretched, which explains the temporary absence of this product from the market. But things are back in order, we have upgraded and our consumers can obtain this product online via”

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