New Resource For Fledgling T-Shirt Businesses

With the explosion of small independent t-shirt design businesses over the last ten years, there has been a subsequent increase in need for quality resources. How To Heat Press is rising up to meet this need.

Seattle, Washington (FPRC) November 18, 2017 -- It’s impossible to count the number of online t-shirt sellers which have risen up over the past ten years. Internet access has removed the barriers for entry into this market and everyone from moms to teens are giving it a go. And where are they learning how to design and produce their tees? The internet of course!

One of the many companies seeking to be a valuable resource to this community can be found a “The skills and abilities needed to run your own t-shirt business is varied” said Mr Morris, Managing Director of the company. “You not only need to know how to design and then make the t-shirts, you also need to know how to market and sell them.”

The website covers such topics as ‘how to find local customers for your t-shirt business,’ ‘how to package your t-shirts for customers,’ and ‘which is the best t-shirt printing method for you?’ All important topics, and many which a beginner may not have considered.

The need for authentic help and step-by-step guides in the t-shirt industry is being attended to by the folk at How To Heat Press. Current material is pitched at new entrants to the industry, but more advanced material is on the way.

About How To Heat Press:

How To Heat Press love teaching and sharing about how to make t-shirts. The heat transfer method focus is on heat press machines. These machines are an easy way to get your feet wet in t-shirt business.


Dan Morris, Managing Director
How To Heat Press

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